The Joint Brixton

My housemate and I have started a new monthly evening that we like to call ‘rib night’. The concept is pretty self explanatory. We go to the best rib joints in London, scoff ourselves silly and roll home in what we like to call a ‘food coma’. So when we caught wind of The Joint hiding down in Brixton Village, we got our butts onto the Victoria line and checked it out!

Brixton Village is a hive of activity, and even on a Wednesday evening it was full to the brim with tea time-ers, munching at one of it’s many dining hubs. Although usually easily distracted we made a beeline for The Joint; using only our nose as guides we could smell the sweet sweet BBQ sauce a mile off.

image1 (1)

After a warm greeting from the staff and co-owner Warren, we perched at one of the semi-communal tables and scanned the meaty menu.


Was the only word my mate would utter.

So ribs it was, plus we teamed those with one of their specialty pulled pork buns, hush puppies, corn on the cob, onion rings and chicken wings. No judging we were hungry!

Oh goodness, we had entered BBQ food heaven.

image5 (1)The BBQ sauce was divine, lathered on everything (so definitely make sure you like BBQ sauce!) it was sweet, sticky and ended up all over our faces!

The pulled pork was a surprisingly complimentary choice. It had a herby undertone, and I usually shun the bread bun but this one was really really lovely. The sourdough beauty went AMAZINGLY with the pork.

image2 (1)

The ribs literally fell off the bone, all juicy and meaty. Corn on the cob, lathered in butter and herbs, yuuuummmm. The onion rings were crispy and crunchy, real good un’s. The chicken wings were smothered in that BBQ sauce, of which most ended up on our hands and face. What’s more, everything comes in cute little paper bags tied with string; little meaty packages!

image4 (1)

As well as ace food the staff were also super jolly and helpful, giving us recommendations and offering us wipes for our gooey face.

Maybe not a first date restaurant, or maybe THE best first date restaurant ever? Pop down and decide for yourself. As for us? We will be back! Plus the guys are opening a new store in the latter parts of this year in Marylebone, so stay tuned!

87 Brixton Village Market
Coldharbour Lane

Open 12pm – 11pm Tuesday – Monday


Twitter: @thefoodjoint