The Lea Valley Walk


Running from Waltham Abbey to the North of London all the way into the Limehouse Basin, the Lea Valley walk covers a distance of 18 miles along the Lee Navigation Towpath. A beautiful walk or cycling route, this path is filled with local wildlife, sea life and historic accents.

With a child in tow, it may not be a good idea to try the whole 18 miles in one day. Fortunately for you, the path has been broken down into more sections. We recently walked part of section 2 which passed through Tottenham Marshes and Tottenham Hale, allowing us to make full use of the nearby train stations. All sections are ideally located to either London Underground, National Rail or bus services making it ideal for an easy day out. For those who wish to drive, check the Lee Valley website or Walk London for maps and information regarding the closest car parks as well as picnic areas and cafes.

There are many sights and sounds to pique a child’s enthusiasm along the way. We were lucky enough to see two locks in action, which allowed me to explain about the history of canals, what traditionally used to power the boats (horses) and how the water system worked. We also saw many different species of birds and waved hello to loads of very friendly cyclists taking full advantage of a wonderful spring afternoon.


By Tin