Golden Tide Rum will be the first rum to be distilled at sea as part of an ongoing partnership between The Tidal Rum and P&O Cruises which is launching a rum distillery on its newest ship, Arvia.

The Tidal Rum photographed for P&OC by Alun Callender, commissioned by Sunday

 Jersey-based rum brand, The Tidal Rum is proud to announce the launch of Golden Tide the ‘world’s first rum to be distilled at sea’. With a shared passion for adventure, the sea and creating memorable rum experiences, The Tidal Rum is delighted to be collaborating with P&O Cruises to open the rum distillery on board its newest ship, Arvia which arrives in December 2022, where Golden Tide, a new rum will be distilled.

The Tidal Rum photographed for P&OC by Alun Callender, commissioned by Sunday

Golden Tide is an island-inspired liquid that captures the sense of adventure and excitement that the ocean brings. The new rum will be distilled exclusively for P&O Cruises on board Arvia whilst she sails in the Caribbean, and the recipe will be recreated on the mainland by The Tidal Rum. Made to an exclusive recipe, this sun-drenched spirit blends flavours of the region with marine botanicals from the British Isles to celebrate togetherness and the enchantment of travels to island shores.

The Tidal Rum photographed for P&OC by Alun Callender, commissioned by Sunday

The rum’s production will take place on board Arvia in the world’s first rum distillery at sea located in Anderson’s Bar. A 50-litre still known as Aurelia will be housed in the distillery, Aurelia will distil the Golden Tide rum as the ship travels around the Caribbean. Guests will be able watch the full distilling process through the ceiling-to-floor windows. The finished spirit will then be able to be enjoyed neat or in cocktails at the bars on Arvia and will also be sold in Arvia’s shops in bottles with a unique gold label, marked with the individual batch number. The Tidal Rum will also recreate the recipe on the mainland with blue-labelled bottles, also available to buy on board Arvia. 

In addition guests will be able to take part in on-board rum experiences: 

  • Rum tasting class: A chance for guests to delve deeper into the world of fine rums. The on-board rum expert will guide guests through a special tasting session in Anderson’s Bar on board Arvia – home of Aurelia, the first rum still at sea. Sipping a variety of rums including Golden Tide and The Tidal Rum, guests will discover the story behind each one.

  • Rum blending class: A unique experience which will take place in Anderson’s Bar on board Arvia, where a rum expert will show guests how to create their own delicious spirit with ingredients from the Caribbean and British coasts. A fun and hands-on session allowing guests to take home their own bottle of rum as a golden memory of their Caribbean holiday.

Since its launch in the summer of 2019, The Tidal Rum remains at the forefront of the rum revolution, crafting a distinctive taste that comes from coastal botanicals found at full lunar tides. Created by Jersey-based founders of Shorts Boy Distillery, Ben Clyde-Smith and Harry Coulthard, The Tidal Rum is inspired and influenced by the sea and shore. Its rich golden smoothness comes from a careful blend of Caribbean cask-aged rums from Trinidad, Jamaica, Barbados and the Dominican Republic. The Tidal Rum takes pride in sustainably using botanicals that thrive on the tidal coastline of Jersey in order to celebrate rum in an innovative way.

Harry Coulthard, co-founder of The Tidal Rum says, “With this new rum, we wanted to bring together the finest rums of the Caribbean with the fresh notes of coastal botanicals from the shores of Britain’s islands. Whether you’re taking your first sip while enjoying a stunning island horizon or a beautifully crafted cocktail in Anderson’s Bar, Golden Tide Rum has all the ingredients of an unforgettable P&O Cruises holiday.

P&O Cruises president Paul Ludlow says: “Our partnership with The Tidal Rum is based on a shared affinity with the sea, a commitment to sustainability and a passion for exclusively crafted drinks. We’re delighted to offer guests Golden Tide Rum on board Arvia as the perfect accompaniment to a memorable holiday in the Caribbean.