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The Ultimate Packing Guide for Glastonbury 2024

So, you’ve achieved the holy grail, you have Glastonbury 2024 tickets! It might be your first time, it might be your 23rd, no matter how much of a seasoned pro you are, packing is always the bane of the experience. That said, we’re here to help you become that person who has all the gear and no idea. We’ve done a bit of shopping ahead of the festival of the year and have listed our favourite purchases below. From practical items, to snazzy things to wear, the team at On In London have got you covered…

Do your big shop at Mountain Warehouse

There’s no denying, there is a lot of gear, and most people on their first visit, really have no idea. That’s okay! Mountain Warehouse is an incredible one stop shop for all the essentials needed for the festival. From tents and comfy sleeping bags, all the way to wellies that are actually considered fashionable, you could spend the whole day in here shopping for Glasto and leave with absolutely everything you need. We picked up some beautiful Ankle Mud Wellies with a floral design as, rumour has it, it will rain the entire time. Alongside, there are essentials you didn’t even know you needed, from a practical Women’s Fleece to battle the harsh evening winds, an LED Rubber Torch and a Backpack Beach Cooler Bag which will stand the test of time, useful for the whole summer. Our top pick from our spree would have to be the Outdoor Shower. Shaped like a small tank, you simply fill with water, and the solar powered display heats the water, with a practical shower nozzle to hold above your head. There will be no greasy hair in sight at this camping pitch! / @mountainwarehouse

Secure your tent with the best products from Grangers

Grangers is a British-based manufacturer of aftercare solutions. With a passion for the outdoors, and the unpredictability of British weather, the brand is here to help improve your outdoor experience. Since 1937, Grangers has been the market leader when it comes to technical innovation – championing environmentally responsible protection, innovation, product efficiency and customer satisfaction. The top picks of product include Tent + Gear Care Kit which helps get your tent sparkling clean and protects against heavy rain. We also love the Tent + Gear UV Repel Spray which prevents your gear and tent from fading from the harsh summer rays. Also, non-negotiables for your rucksack include the Hand Sanitiser and Sanitising Wipes – these will make you popular with your mucky friends. You can also quickly eliminate the source of odours that linger on non-washable items with Odour Eliminator spray. Whether you want to refresh your kit or sleeping bag, this product is for you! / @grangersofficial

Get festi-fashion ready with Temu

Budget-friendly fashion and essentials online store Temu is taking the internet by storm with its incredible value deals. And it’s the ultimate one stop shop for all of your festival essentials. From tie dye clothing and warm trackies, to trendy cross body bags and sunglasses in all shapes, sizes and colours. We highly recommend the Travel Backpack which you’ll also use going forward for all short haul holidays. The pack has a number of compartments and sections to keep your things neat and tidy. You can even charge your phone on the go with the useful gap to feed your phone charger through. / @temu_uk

Pack space friendly cocktails

Have you heard of NIO Cocktails? NIO, stands for “Needs Ice Only”, and these are letterbox style cocktails. Ready-to-serve and bar-quality, these cocktails are the ideal pack for Glasto, with no need for mixing or measuring. The curated selection of cocktails, crafted by expert mixologists using only the finest ingredients, offer a taste of luxury. You can choose from crowd-pleasing classics like Margaritas and Cosmopolitans to innovative new concoctions. For those looking to swerve the booze, they also offer a range of delicious alcohol-free cocktails, too. / @niococktailsuk

Pack a heavy duty moisturiser in case of sun burn

If, low and behold, the sun does have its hat on, it can be hard to hide from the strong and powerful rays! Astral Intensive Moisturiser is hailed by celebs such as Joanna Lumley, Amanda Holden and Kate Beckinsale, and has been compared to Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream. And it’s not just a moisturiser. Astral Intensive Moisturiser® can be used to remove makeup, as a primer under foundation and as preparation for tanning. As an extra bonus, it is available in a luggage-friendly 50g perfect for chucking in the bum bag! An absolute must this season.

Rekorderlig’s new summer flavour is the ideal sip for Glasto

There’s nothing quite like sipping a cider in the sun at Glastonbury watching your favourite band. One of my personal favourite brands is Rekorderlig, known for its sweet and tropical ciders. The brand has just launched its latest flavour, Peach-Raspberry which has been named flavour of the year by DSM Firmenich. The refreshing tipple combines soft and fruity peach with a hint of raspberry to provide a refreshingly lighter taste without too much sweetness. It’s available to buy at ASDA stores and in Glasto-friendly aluminium cans. / @rekorderligcider

Protect yourself from the wash out British Summer with Animal

Glastonbury 2024 is rumoured to be a washout, but don’t let that dampen your spirits. Instead, invest in a solid, yet stylish, rain coat to ensure you can dance the night away, mud or no mud. We had a good look around and found the absolute perfect style at Animal. The Pace Women’s Waterproof Poncho is the ultimate ally for outdoor escapades. Made with waterproof capabilities, it’s a shield against the elements. And with its compact, packable design, you can take it anywhere, ensuring you’re ready for rain or shine. Better yet, it’s on sale! / @animaluk

Get a Biab gel manicure for perfect festival nails

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, the best spot in town to get a perfect manicure is Townhouse. With salons all across London with some of the most professional nail artists I’ve met, it’s the ideal spot to book in and get your claws done before the big weekend. Glastonbury is the perfect time to get a little creative with your nails too. The artists at Townhouse can do any type of design you desire – we recommend seasonal fruits with a colourful French tip to really capture attention. With a strong layer of Biab, you just know your nails will stand the test of time as well. / @townhouse

Pack some plant positive wellness energy capsules

Glasto mornings just got a little easier with this must have ‘pick me up’! Rise & Shine, from The Herbtender, is a plant-based capsule to take in the morning. Whether it was sensory overload from hours of dancing, singing and celebrations, late to bed and tossing and turning in the tent, just two capsules of the perfect energising blend will have you right as rain. It contains Panax Ginseng to restore depleted energy, strengthen the mind and boost the body into action and Reishi mushroom to improve brain function and inspire the all needed ‘ready-to-go-again’ energy. With this caffeine free fix, you can forego the morning coffee! / @theherbtender

If you’re scared of the Glasto portaloos, why not take your own?

Nobody would judge you if you were scared, the portaloos at Glasto are infamous for all of the wrong reasons. With that said, there are a full range of compostable toilets you can take in yourself for personal and private use. The best of the bunch is made by Trelino®. There portable toilets are environmentally friendly, beautifully designed to not look like a toilet, and are lightweight, portable, hygienic and compact. And they are ideal for travellers, families, campers, festival goers and van lifers, all with a sense of adventure. We highly recommend The Evo which is created to be even more lightweight, convenient and comfortable, and made from recycled plastic. It has an ergonomic seat, and a soft close automatic lid, and is resistant to aqueous chemicals. Sit on the thrown like the true queen you are! / @mytrelino

Fill up with Idahoan Perfect Mash
Whilst Glasto is known for its fantastic food vendors, after a few days of camping, it’s easy to miss those home comforts. Idahoan Perfect Mash are an instant way to get the great taste of home. Made from 100% real Russet Potatoes, all you do is add hot water and in one minute you have a delicious bowl of fluffy mash potato. It really is that simple, and if you’re spending the weekend fighting the rain, mud and elements, it makes a delicious on-the-go snack to refuel. You’ll be back dancing in no time. / @idahoanfoodsuk

Accessorise your life with EAR SASS

The perfect thing about a statement earring, is even if it’s raining, you don’t have to cover up your glam like you would your outfit. Statement earrings are the perfect addition to any Glasto outfit and if we had to pick our favourite brand, it would be EAR SASS. The brand was  born from stylist Sophie McGown’s love and obsession of big bold and beautiful colour earrings! Each earring design is named after strong influential women in her life, who have gone through tough times but found fashion and jewellery have helped to bring hits of joy into their lives. Our personal favourites were The Chloe and Blue Moon earrings – and we love the girl power philosophy! / @earsass

Snack on LOVE CORN’S delicious new snack packs

The last thing you want encroaching on your bag space are big tins of food. Not only are they heavy and not very nutritious, but luke warm baked beans have never been the snack of choice. Enter LOVE CORN, the nation’s much-loved creator of premium crunchy corn. The creators of these high fibre, low sugar, gluten free snacks has created a multi-pack with small 20g bags, perfect for when you’re schlepping it across the fields. With some vendors charging up to £8.00(!) for a bag of crisps, you’ll be glad you have these trusty guys in your bag. Our favourite flavour is the sea salt! / @lovecorn_snacks

Find the perfect bagged wine to squeeze into your rucksack in the evenings

Hear me out. Bagged wine is revolutionary. It’s lightweight, delicious, and if you opt for a classic red wine, it simply doesn’t matter how warm it gets in your bag. My recommendation always stands with Campo Viejo’s Bag-In-Box. The Winemaker’s Blend is a new product and is a collaboration between three winemakers to produce a craft wine brings together Spain’s most vibrant grapes (Tempranillo, Garnacha and Bobal) to create an expressive blend of silky, dark, red fruit. You simpy take it out of the box and have a space saving bag of wine with 1.5L of the good stuff – that should last you the whole festival! / @campoviejo

Pack your own tea bags from Clipper for your morning brew

In the mornings, when heads are sore and a cup of Great British tea is needed, turn to Clipper. Not only is Clipper Teas the official tea of Glastonbury, but most teas are also organic and Fairtrade, using natural bags that aren’t bleached. Many vendors are happy to provide hot water, especially in the mornings, so it’s a good hack to save some of those pennies for the many other wonders you’ll find across the festival. Our Clipper recommendations span the whole range, but we’re extra special fans of the Organic Pure Green Tea and classic Organic Everyday. / @clipperteas

Don’t neglect your skincare routine

Admittedly, Glasto is not the optimum environment to focus on your self care, but that said, a stringent skincare routine can still be followed. One brand that comes out on top, is Dr. Barbara Sturm. The founder herself is a world renowned anti-inflammatory pioneer. Her molecular cosmetics collection marries science and nature and is built on over 25 years of research, so you know you’re in good hands. Ideal for Glastonbury is the STURMGLOW Kit. The kit, which comes in a perfectly sized small make up bag, provides skin with an essential seven-step ingredient science-based routine for a fresh, radiant, and natural glow. Each product comes in a mini format and easy to follow process, to ensure your skin doesn’t have to suffer. A special shout out to the face mask which is so hydrating and easy to remove with a simple baby wipe at the tent. / @drbarbarasturm

Don’t get caught out and stock up on the right medication

Medical staff are of course on hand if the going gets tough, but having a trusty little kit of the right medical supplies will be essential to avoid any funny tummies, headaches or discomfort during your stay at Worthy Farm. My top tip essentials include shop-bought ibuprofen (for hangovers) and Rennie’s (for heart burn). Other essentials include Dioralyte, which is clinically proven to provide a fast and effective replacement of body salts and treat dehydration, to battle any hot weather or tummy bugs. With long days ahead, I’d also suggest packing TheraTears Dry Or Tired eye drops. These contain witch hazel and ginkgo biloba, which can provide lasting comfort by refreshing and soothing sore eyes. Finally, be sure to pack Anthisan Bite and Sting Cream to avoid any discomfort from pesky wasp stings or mozzies.

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