The Ultimate Sober Girl’s Guide to London

Studies have shown that more people than ever decided to continue their Dry January this year. We also already know that Gen Z aren’t big drinkers, and many are shifting towards a life of sobriety. Moreover, it can just feel really good to have a break from the booze. There is a whole plethora of fun things to do in London that don’t require a beer jacket, and we’ve gathered the best of the best in this round up.

Stay at Hart Shoreditch

There’s no better way to pass the time, when taking some time off the booze, than organising a fun staycation with a friend or partner. There’s no need to travel really when there are so many London sites on your doorstep. A great one for a booze-free visit we found was Hart Shoreditch. A relatively new property, the interiors are muted and calming, with bold pops of colour. There’s a centrally located bar which offers up some delicious mocktails and non-alcoholic drink options. The best thing, is hitting the hay for an early night. With a fully loaded widescreen TV with access to all the best streaming platforms, and fluffy pillows and mattresses, prepare for an epic evening in and great night’s sleep. We were even welcomed with a delicious bottle of non-alcoholic Champagne! / @hartshoreditch

Try E-Pulsive at High Street Kensington

If you haven’t experienced EMS training yet, what are you waiting for? Loved by celebrities across the planet, this intensive form of workout is ideal for those that are time poor and wanting fast, yet effective results. EMS stands for ‘Electrical Muscle Stimulation’, a method of high-interval training which utilises electrical impulses designed to contract the skeletal striated muscles with targeted precision. The result is a shorter work out that equates to 120 minutes of intense exercise, perfect for strength training, body toning and skin tightening. In the 20 minutes I worked out, I burned over 500 calories, had so much fun with my personal trainer and actually broke a sweat, despite minimal actual body movement. Best of all, I ached for days and really felt the impact! It’s not a cheap pursuit, but time is money, right? / @epuslive

Visit Get A Drip at the King’s Road 

If you’re looking for the ultimate form of self care, why not invest in a drip from Get A Drip? We visited the gorgeous Fulham store where the friendly and informative team are on hand to administer one of a full range of drip treatments. To support our no-drinking month, we decided to go for the Skin Health Drip. It’s indulgent at £225.00, but this specific treatment provides optimum hydration to keep your skin healthy, supple, smooth and firm – leading to a brighter and more radiant complexion. Ingredients such as Vitamin C and the ‘master antioxidant’ Glutathione contribute to enhanced collagen production, a key protein that gives skin its structure and elasticity, while helping defend your skin cells against damage caused by environmental toxins such as UV light and pollution, reducing redness and hyperpigmentation in the process. I left looking like a new woman! |@getadrip

Feel the Burn at Studio Fix

Nestled in the fancy borough of High Street Kensington, you’ll find the brand new studio, Studio Fix. The spacious 7,500 sq. ft studio will be one of the first locations in London to offer Lagree Megaformer classes, a patented exercise machine that offers a high-intensity, total-body workout while being low-impact – loved by many celebrities. Don’t be fooled, this isn’t easy reformer, this is leg shakin’, sweaty reformer, the perfect replacement for a hungover Sunday activity. The studio is absolutely stunning and there is even a protein shake and juice bar to satisfy those post-workout cravings. Other class concepts include Yoga, Boxing, HIIT style conditioning and Strength-based lift classes – there’s something for everyone and every level. / @studiofixuk

Try a Relaxing Facial at GinSen Kensington

Chinese medicine has always been fascinating to me. Namely because I have a vested interest in natural medicine and I do genuinely believe it works. When it comes to massage too, I’ve always had the best massages at the hands of Chinese medicine practitioners. Founded by Lily Li Hua, a fifth generation family herbalist and acupuncturist, GinSen’s original clinic still sits on the King Road and is celebrating 22 years in business this year. Offering treatments including acupuncture, massage, cupping, reflexology and lymphatic drainage massage to its loyal following, GinSen has helped thousands of people on their wellness journeys. We tried lymphatic drainage massage for the first time and left feeling resoundingly less puffy. As well as teasing out pesky knots, this massage encourages blood flow and lessens water retention. A winner all around! |@ginsenlondon

Get your Nails done at Skip The Filter

There are many slay places to get your nails done in London, of course, but not all are worth travelling to. I’m so glad I did as I ventured all the way to Fulham from Clapham to Skip The Filter. The visit was prompted by a slew of influencer visits which permeated through my Instagram feed, so don’t ever say influencers don’t influence. What’s different about this place? They specialise in the art of Russian manicures, a technique that gets right to the base of your cuticles, leaving your nail bed clean as clean can be, and making your nails last longer. I’d recommend a nude or neutral colour which can leave you with flawless nails for up to six weeks! Give the lovely girls at Skip The Filter a visit. / @skipthefilteruk

Try a Nordic Spa Experience at Go Banya in Chiswick

If you’re looking for the ultimate way to relax and unwind, a visit to Go Banya in Chiswick is just what the doctor ordered. This traditional thermal treatment Parenie is a right of passage in Nordic and Russian cultures and involves submerging yourself into icy cold waters and warm natural saunas. We had a massage alongside our experience which took deep tissue to a new level, and we left feeling completely relaxed and untangled. If you take up one of the longer 2-3 hour packages, you also get to enjoy delicious and authentic food and drinks, with fantastic non alcoholic options for those opting not to drink. The classic Beef Dumplings are a must! Don’t miss out on this unsuspecting spa, nestled just off Chiswick High Street. / @gobanya.chiswick

Try Avalon Pilates in Clapham Common

Let’s face it, we all love reformer. Finally, an actually enjoyable, relaxing exercise class that also burns calories. We’re loving this! For all South London locals, a brand new studio has opened at unit 2, 40-48 Bromells Road, Clapham. As well as having that beautiful ‘new’ smell and look, the space offers some incredible classes that really push you out of your comfort zone and take reformer to the next level. 

We took part in the Tower Pilates class which used a stationary reformer and strong weighted cables to create a workout that burns during, after and days after. We haven’t had a really good workout like that in a long time and the expert instructors are not only knowledgeable and supportive, but fun and energising – just what you need in a tough workout! | @avalon__pilates

Get a New Do at Rush Hair Salons across London

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of having some nights off the booze, is the sheer amount of money saved. That money is always best invested in making yourself feel good, without the stress of overspending – also known as the perfect time to get a hair cut. With a slew of industry awards, you’re always in safe capable hands at Rush. As well as cuts and colours, the salon has a range of experienced and skilled stylists capable of performing more complex works, from balayage all the way to repairing keratin treatments. There’s never been a better time to treat yourself. | @officialrushhairbeauty

Indulge in a healthy Brunch and Classes at nue | ground Clapham

nue Ground situated in Clapham isn’t just a healthy cafe. Championing its sustainability credentials, the marvellously creative menu offers up powerful and innovative breakfast, brunch and lunch options that are clearly grounded in a love of good food and nutrition. The space is light, airy and inviting, Founded by Joanna & Jayke Mangion – practical South London celebrities – the duo are also responsible for Brickwood, WC and Old Town Tavern. Over a buzzy lunch, myself and a guest enjoyed a beautiful Vegan Burger and Salmon Grain Bowl with a side of hearty Tomato and Basil Soup. Everything was delicious and I was very impressed with my Mushroom Latte which channelled just the right level of earthiness.

New to the offering and nestled just next door is nue | studio. Referenced as a serene haven dedicated to nourishing your mind, body and soul, the tranquil main studio space is home to series of classes set to relax, refine and define you. The muted furnishings and dimly lit space is the perfect environment to switch off from the world around you. We participated in the Hatha Yoga class which was 60 minutes of intense relaxation with some more challenging poses included to challenge you. We’d happily spend every sober Sunday with a brunch and classes here at this all-encompassing cultural hub. | @nueground | @nuegroundstudio

Have a non-alcoholic tasting at The Club Soda Tasting Room & Shop in Covent Garden

We all love a good wine tasting, but when exploring sobriety, did you know you can still have the same experience, but with non-alcoholic drinks? London’s best non-alc corner shop can be found at 39 Drury Lane, and is open to the public  throughout the week. They run tastings that enable you to try some of the most refined non-alcholic spirits, wines and beers. Our personal favourite brand from the session was Everleaf, which focuses on flavour and botanicals, rather than copying the makeup of traditional spirits. The result, a really unique taste and flavour that is something aside to a soft drink altogether. / @joinclubsoda

Explore with the Best Hop On Hop Off Tour of London 

When spending time off the hard stuff, what better time than to explore your great city. How fortunate we are to live in one of the most fantastic cities in the world! If you’re not big on steps, I have the ultimate suggestion. Take a Hop On Hop Off Tour with Tootbus. I would highly recommend the Must See London – Hop On Hop Off Bus and River Cruise. There are three lines to explore the best that London has to offer from the comfort of the top deck. We cruised past all major landmarks including Big Ben, Parliament, Buckingham Palace and more, and spent the entire day doing it. The highlight is a beautifully scenic river tour from Westminster to Tower Bridge (or vice versa) along the scenic Thames. There really is no better way to see the sights and the city. / @tootbuslondon

Go Wild at Hangloose Adventure in Bluewater

This is cheating a little as of course, it’s not in London. But, if you’re looking for hours of sober fun, and a bit of adventure whilst you’re at it, take a swift hour train to Bluewater and visit Hangloose. Hangloose is an incredible activity and adventure park, situated in Kent. Guests are invited to have an adrenaline-filled day out on England’s longest zipline – the Skywire! This is an absolute must, you fly through the air amongst beautiful white chalk cliffs. The centre is also home to Europe’s Biggest Swing. In all honesty, this was terrifying. Spanning 22 stories, you are dropped from a height and swing back and forth in an adrenaline-fuelled frenzy. There are a plethora of other activities too including an outdoor skydiving machine, wild swimming and water sports. The ideal, fun day out. / @hangloose_bluewater

Get Active with London Climbing Vauxhall

Who knew SO many people go rock climbing. When I accepted this invite, I knew it would be fun, I didn’t know it was a cult. I’m just kidding. But seriously, if you want to know where all the single men in London are, they’re at Vauxhall rock climbing on a Tuesday night. We had the best guide. I say this, because I was terrified, and it turns out, we weren’t even rock climbing, we were bouldering. Bouldering is essentially a slightly terrifying version of rock climbing. Terrifying as you don’t have a harness. But, take it from me, after a couple of tries, a couple of falls off the wall (it’s only 4ft, don’t worry) you start to channel your inner Lara Croft. In fact, I might just go again. If not to pull one of the very eligible bachelors. There are also climbing centres across the whole of London with a variety of memberships available, after all, it is quite addictive. / @londonclimbingcentres

Boogie on Down at The Piano Works

If you haven’t been to The Piano Works yet, have you been hiding under a rock?  The Piano Works is the only non-stop, audience-requested, live music venue in London, with two venues in Farringdon and the West End. In the centre of the venue, an incredible band, or singer, takes the stage, taking song requests from the crowd. Guests are encouraged to boogie on down. Whilst the entertainment keeps you busy, the incredible bar team can turn every cocktail on the menu into a delicious alcohol-free version, so that people who are sober can still enjoy a fun night out dancing to their favourite songs live too. The food is pretty epic too. Check it out! / @thepianoworks

Immerse Yourself in The Grand Expedition in Dalston

Legends of the immersive scene, Gingerline, have returned to London for their first shows in the capital in four years with The Grand Expedition: The Incredible Edible Journey. Taking place in a makeshift hot air balloon, the immersive dining experience wows at every stop, as the impressive acrobats and dancers lead you around the world, trying culinary dishes at each stop. You’ll be so immersed, you won’t even think about the booze. But, if you find yourself craving a tipple, the team have you covered with a special paired non-alcoholic cocktail flight which is so delicious, it tastes just like the real thing! / @_gingerline

Treat Yourself to Badiani Ice Cream in Mayfair

A month off the booze doesn’t have to mean a complete cleanse and heath-orientated focus. In fact, those fewer calories consumed by avoiding the wine, almost seems to make space for gelato, right? But only, really, really good gelato. We took a trip down to Baldani in Mayfair, an iconic Florentine gelateria that continues to bring its rich heritage, craftsmanship and unwavering commitment to excellence, to London. Made with only eggs, milk, cream and sugar, this is real gelato. With indulgent flavours from Pistachio, Rum and Hazelnut, and rich heavenly Chocolate, there is something for everyone. This location is perfect for a walk in Hyde Park afterwards also. / @badiani1932

Enjoy a Luxury Tasting Menu with Non-Alcoholic Pairings at Scully St James

Chef Scully is renowned in London for his warm hospitality and friendly chatter and engagement, as he cooks in his central open kitchen. He’s perhaps even better known for the quality of his dishes. Known for his creative pickling and fermentation techniques and insanely interesting and innovative vegan dishes, Scully has also created an incredibly reasonably priced Tasting Menu (£125.00 per person), allowing guests to five of his delicious dishes, including the famed Arepa, Eggplant Sambal, Bergamot Labneh which is inspired by his mother’s cookings. Whilst you can indulge in a wine flight, those swerving the booze need not miss out with the exciting non-alcoholic flight. Options include Clementine, Cloves, and Honey Freshly, with pressed clementine juice, homemade honey, clove and nutmeg syrup and soda, or the Fig and Orange Kombucha, a fruity, floral orange and figgy concoction. | @scullyrestaurant

Taste Agua de Madre Drinks

If you’re thinking of cutting down on the booze, it’s the opportune time to focus on your gut health. Agua de Madre is a fantastic choice. It’s sparkling water kefir in a can, bursting with billions of live cultures. The Madre mother grains were discovered in Mexico 2,000 years ago, on the pads of the prickly pear cactus, a natural forming SCOBY used ever since for its fermentation magic. If that makes no sense to you, this will. By consuming probiotics such as water kefir, you support the tens of trillions of ‘good bacteria’ that help keep you healthy – my favourite flavour was the Pink Grapefruit & Lime, ideal for spring slurping. | @aguademadre

Celebrate with LA Brewery

If you’re celebrating during your sober month, I’ve got the perfect drink for you. Enter LA Brewery. A beautifully light and fragrant non-alcoholic sparkling wine, this option is kombucha-based which is known to support gut health. In a white and blush format, both could have deceived me into thinking they were prosecco – a lovely crisp and floral finish.. Seriously! Best of all, the company is a B-Corp, known for doing good. La Brewery is purchasable direct or from retailers such as Planet Organic and Selfridges. / @labrewery

Mix some Cocktails with Clean Co

For spirits, you’ve got to give it to Spencer Matthews, these are pretty good mimics. For those unaware of the birth story. Spencer was on Made In Chelsea all those years ago. UK fame to the unsuspecting can be a cruel mistress, and as a result, Spencer indulged in a party lifestyle. When he realised hey, this is actually a bit pants, he managed to meet the woman of his dreams (and most men’s to be fair) and give up the shoddy lifestyle for a fulfilled life with gorgeous children, gorgeous wife and gorgeous non-alcoholic spirits. Rumour has it they add a kick of chilli to the mock tequila so you get that kick! I had an Old Fashioned with the mock whisky and it was pretty good! / @cleanco

Sparkle with Saicho 

I’ve found a delicious alternative to wine or prosecco, and the perfect baby shower gift for expecting mums. Seriously though, Saicho has to have one of the prettiest bottles out of all of the non-boozy brands. Saicho is a luxurious, non-alcoholic, single origin, sparking tea. The range comes in three flavours: Darjeeling, Hojicha and Jasmine. My personal favourite was the Jasmine which is scented with jasmine blossoms. The green tea from Fuding, in Fujian province, China, has a delicate floral aroma and notes of apple sherbet, lychee and vanilla, making it a refreshing aperitif ideal for balmy spring nights. / @saichodrinks