The Worlds End Market Review

Meat Lovers, we would love to introduce you to The Worlds End Market, situated on Kings Road, why I hear you cry? Well it’s a meat paradise. Serving what has been described as the finest steak on earth from world-class meat connoisseur, Jose Gordon.

We tried the new Jose Gordon, El Capricho set menu, for starters we had the Steak tartare with bread and the Carpaccio from Entrecote, which was matured for 180 days with olive oil and salt. Now I must say this carpaccio was like no other, it was seasoned well, tender and quite frankly bloody delicious!

For the mains we had the steak, which arrived cut up in nice bite sizes, which was a nice surprise, it was succulent and bursting with flavour. We also tried the El Capricho burger, which came with a side of fries and salad, the beef was cooked well, and definitely served my meat craving on the night. I only wished the burger was a little bigger! You can really tell, that the meats are of great quality and a lot of care has been taken in making these dishes.
world end-67

world end-68
For dessert we had the chocolate fondant, a warm rich chocolate sponge with a gooey melted chocolate centre served with a vanilla ice cream. So yes all you sweet tooth lovers, this desert is for you, it’s chocolate overload in a good way, and way to heavenly to share. I could have easily ordered two!
world end-69
The Worlds End Market, is no ordinary pub, this place is luxurious, it has a sophisticated and ornate decor, it’s cosy inside and in the evenings it is lit up with moody lighting.

This place is high on our radar and definitely worth another visit. Yep we shall be back!


459 Kings Road
SW10 0LR

Written by Nyla S.