Three Spirit Non Alcoholic Drink Review

Three Spirits is an award-winning brand paving the way for Euphorics or Social Spirits. This plant-led social revolution aims for happier, healthier and more connected social connections through the power of plants. Three Spirits is a new category of drink- a non-alcoholic drink using adaptogens, nootropics and mood-enhancing herbs so drinkers feel they are somewhere between drinking and not drinking, known as the ‘third way’. They enhance mood and maximise the pleasurable effects of drinking without the alcohol or after effect.

Three Spirits was designed by scientists and bartenders to enhance mood and mind throughout the day and into the night. As such, they have a drink for every occasion- whether it’s being energised, relaxing or helping with social anxiety.  The Three Spirit collection comprises of the Social Elixir, The Livener and The Nightcap.

Social Elixir is the Mood Maker. Lion’s mane mushroom, cacao, coconut vinegar, green tea, passion flower, nectar and damiana help give it naturally mood-boosting quality perfect to take the edge of social anxiety and feel calm and connected. It’s a full-bodied, bittersweet herbal elixir that is best paired with ginger ale.

The Livener is the Pick-Me-Up need to feel fiery and energised. With red berries, watermelon, adaptogenic properties from schisandra berry, hibiscus, pomegranate molasses, guayusa (a natural ‘clean’ caffeine), ginseng and guava leaf, it helps the drinker feel energised and elevated. It’s bursting with fruitiness and fun! It’s recommended to be serviced with tonic and grapefruit to compliment the flavours.

The Nightcap is the Dream Maker. The Hull Melon hops and lemon balm is contrasted with oak, citrus and freshly cut grass. With turmeric, black pepper, Sichuan pepper, liquorice root and ginger it’s more spicy than the other elixirs, but is warm and smooth. Its aim is to relax the drinker. Similar to a whisky, it’s best served over ice.

I’ve tried two of the Three Spirits collection at two venues in London . The first was a non-alcoholic expresso martini at Club Soda using the Social Elixir which was sweet and spicy. The second was ‘Euphoric Life’ using The Livener, which was  fruity with berry notes. This was at The Nightjar in Carnaby.

Three Spirit’s website has recipes for twists on Old Fashioneds, Espresso Martinis, Pimms Cups, or even the Ape roll Spritz to give you the perfect non-alcoholic alternative.

Three Spirit’s elixirs are all vegan, gluten and GMO free. With 6 million people choosing a non-alcoholic alternative last year and 18–24-year-olds reducing their alcohol consumption, there’s not a better time to try this trio of botanical elixirs.

The Three Spirits collection can be purchased from Individual elixirs are £24.99 or the set of three is £64.97.



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Written by Caitlin Neal