Being a mum can be boring


Yesterday the papers picked up on a series of tweets by Lily Cooper better known as Lily Allen. Basically Lily was bored of being at home and tweeted that she was a little frustrated about the mundane tasks that come with motherhood.

Can I get a “finally someone said it out loud!” I’m a new mum and as much as I love being a mum to my daughter it does get a little boring. There is only so much daytime TV and cleaning you can do before you want to be doing other things. It’s become so bad my friends have stopped inviting me out, as I’m the “one with the baby”. The word baby always seems to make one a social outcast.

As I read the various articles about Lily Cooper I thought to myself what else can one do to help pass the day away? Here are my suggestions:

  • Start a business – remember the thing you were good at? Why not try and turn it into a little home business. There are so many sites to help mummypreneurs now a days.


  • Start blogging – it’s a great way to vent and it helps to get your mind off of stinky nappies.


  • Join a mother and baby group- initially I was against these, until I joined one. I get to sit and rant with other professionals who are new mothers and feel like they are going insane stuck indoors. It’s great! Fling a bottle of red wine in there and you have yourself a reality TV show


  • Join an exercise or fitness club – my favourite one is Mothers Meeting, not only can you get fit, but the group is adapted for mothers and babies are welcome. So you can meet like minded women. To top it off MM do book clubs and run great sessions for mothers around nutrition, balancing life and much more.

Those are a few of my ideas and ones I am actively involved in. All I can say as a word of advise is keep away from EBay! Boredom makes you buy junk.

Lily Cooper we thank you for saying out loud what is in all of our heads.

What is your tip when boredom hits during motherhood?