Trattoria di Pococello Terrace at Cantina del Ponte Review

Across the Adriatic 2Trattoria di Pococello Terrace at Cantina del Ponte opened up to the public on the 1st of December 2016. We at ONIN London got to attend a sneak preview launch on the 30th of November and we still can’t get over how fabulous this intimate event was.

From the moment Cantina del Ponte’s doors opened, we were welcomed warmly into the dimly lit Italian restaurant. The staff at Cantina del Ponte were so lovely and welcoming as well, they made me want to skip my dinner plans elsewhere and spend the night locked inside. It is definitely a gorgeous venue, with an awesome view of the River Thames and I’m surprised I hadn’t been inside before.


The lemony smells coming from the little canteen truck near the bar beckoned us to come sample the warm ‘By the fireside’ Cocktail ( Pococello, Chase Marmalade Vodka , lemon juice, marmalade). Limoncello, is not a drink I would normally consider drinking hot as it’s usually associated with an after dinner refresher or cool summer cocktails. Pococello have decided that things needed to be shaken up and along with Chase Vodka’s have created this wonderful hot drink. Saying it tasted like an alcoholic lemsip feels like I’m committing a sin, as it certainly was delicious, but this was my first thought after the sweet lemon drink hit my lips. (This is more linked to the fact that I’d been drinking lemsips all day to try get rid of this winter flu that is plaguing half of London at the moment).

By the Fireside - (hot serve) 2 low res

After mulling over this drink for a while and enjoying the numerous canapes that were magically appearing in front of us, we decided it was time to move on to try the cold cocktails of the evening. ‘Rolling in the groves’ (Pococello, Williams GB Gin, Belsazar Rosé Vermouth, Fernet Branca) and ‘Across the Adriatic’ (Pococello, Williams GB Gin, Amaro Montenegro). Both were definitely strong cocktails as they were made up of pure spirits and liquors.


We decided that we preferred the warming sensation that we got from the ‘By The Fireside’ so we went back for seconds.. It was definitely a nice change from the traditional Mulled Wines and Mulled Ciders that are so popular in winter. Trattoria di Pococello Terrace will be open all winter so head down to try these three festive cocktails yourself. You won’t look at Limoncello the same way again.

Reporter: Tegan LeBon

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