consortium bottle and glass

Never before has Prosecco been so popular producing over 400 million bottles last year and never have we had so much choice on offer in the UK. Surely thanks must go to the Consorzio di Tutela del Prosecco DOC who are responsible for promoting, protecting and developing the Prosecco DOC, the Designation of Origin, that makes Prosecco what it is.

Recently the Consorzio Prosecco have teamed up with Neil Phillips, the renowned “wine tipster” and Danilo Cortellini, the head chef at the Italian Embassy in London. Hailing from North Eastern Italy, where the wine must be grown in either the Veneto or Friuli Venezia Giulia regions to bear the Prosecco name, the wine comes in a wide variety of styles bringing out a range of flavours that make it a wonderful pairing for food. With styles varying from brut to demi-sec some producers also make aged varieties. There’s something for all tastes and palates. In fact, I think its fair to say that there’s a beautifully crafted bottle out there to match all of the wonders of Italian cuisine and more. To sum up, prosecco is for everyone.

The Prosecco DOC is vital for protecting the growers and winemakers that make Prosecco what it is as they work with the winemakers and the government to ensure we all know what we’re getting when we pop the cork. This is why on every bottle you’ll find the Fascetta di Stato, the blue label, which contains all the information to trace the bottle back to its source and confirms that it is made from a minimum of 85% of Glera grapes.

Prosecco is a brilliant straw yellow wine, with typical aromas such as white flowers, apple and pear, and more producers than ever exporting high quality Prosecco, so its a great time to seek out new varieties and see what these craftsman have to offer. Its fresh elegance allows Prosecco to compliment any occasion and what’s better than enjoying the sunshine with a delicious glass of something fizzy!

To discover the different varieties of prosecco please click on the  Consorzio di Tutela del Prosecco DOC’s web link below:


Written by Alex Keighley