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Two UK Short Films Are Up For Oscar Consideration!

We recently had the pleasure to watch beautiful short films which are both under Oscar consideration. One is titled ‘Sylvia’ and the other is ‘Missing a Note’. Both are heart-felt and deserve their nominations in our opinion.
‘Sylvia’ is a beautifully moving tale of family and life’s journeys. Based on a true story, it follows the last road trip of a family in their car ‘Sylvia’ before they sell it. There is a strong visual and narrative story.
The actual story took place in the Mid West in the USA, and while this film is not meant to replicate this, the flat and barren landscapes of Norfolk and Lincolnshire helped create a desolate look. This wonderful cinematography was created by Rowan Biddiscombe filming on 8k to maximise the location shots. This is paired perfectly with music composed by Jonathan Hamer. And of course Dr Hook’s song ‘Sylvia’s Mother’ features prominently.
Jolie Lennon gives a stunningly powerful performance. In fact she won a Best Actress award at the New Renaissance Film Festival for her performance in this role and it’s easy to see why. Sylvia is a deeply emotional film I’d highly recommend. You might need to have the tissues ready though!
Sylvia is written and directed by Richard Prendergast and produced by Rachel Prendergast, the founders of SubMotion Productions. The film was a real family affair with Richard and Rachel’s daughters actually acting as the children in the film.
This 17 minute short film has been awarded numerous awards including Best Film at The American Pavilion at Cannes, the Jury Award for Best of Fest at the Cordillera International Film Festival, Best Film at the Sydney Indy Film Festival, Best East Anglia Film Norwich Film Festival and more. Sylvia has now reached the end of her festival run and is now under Oscars Awards consideration.
The second film ‘Missing a Note’ explores the difficulties of living with dementia through a young girl’s eyes. The plot revolves around aspiring singer Molly who performs in front of a retired opera singer in the hope he will write her a scholarship report, but his diminishing memory creates some surprises. The title itself hints at this, but it is subtle. There’s themes of loss, pain, love and dreams depicted in a powerfully subtle way.
It’s a touching film, one that most of us will feel a strong emotional connection with, given many of us know someone experiencing dementia. Unlike Nicholas Sparks ‘The Notebook’ with its big gestures, Missing A Note focuses more on the every day experiences of dementia, both by the person with dementia and the people around them. Made in association with UK charity Dementia Matters, it is a captivating film that aims to increase awareness of dementia in a poignant way.
The stellar cast includes award-winning actress Elaine Paige and Ian McElhinney, who is better known for his roles in Game of Thrones and Star Wars. It also introduces Darcy Jacobs who at age 11 played young Colette in ‘Les Miserables’ at the Queen’s Theatre in the West End. All are fabulous in their roles, all three tugging on our heartstrings.
Directed by Beth Moran in her directorial debut, the film is inspired by her grandfather. The cinematography and music work seamlessly to engage the audience from the very first scene. Missing A Note is produced by Tristan Lorraine through Fact Not Fiction Films which he founded in 2006.
‘Missing a Note’ premiered at the New Renaissance Film Festival where it won the Best UK Short and had recent theatrical releases in the USA and UK (for example at selected EveryMan cinemas in front of the Downton Abbey movie). The UK wide release will occur in 2020. Missing a Note is now under consideration for the 2020 Oscars.
I loved both films equally. Sylvia was more emotional but there was more relatability with a Missing A Note. Both had a great cast, cinematography and music. They both deserve their Oscar nominations and we at ONIN wish them every success in this.
Information for Sylvia
Company address: SubMotion, Productions Ltd, Unit 31 Mahoney Green
Norwich, NR13 6JY
Telephone: +44 (0) 1603 526777
Twitter: @submotionDOTnet
Information for Missing a Note
Twitter: @MissingANote
Written by Caitlin Neal

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