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Waterdrop’s stylish water bottles and water drops

We all know how important drinking a lot of water a day is, however, most of the time we never drink our recommended daily allowance. Maybe you’re like me and you just forget to keep on top of drinking water or perhaps you’re not a fan of how bland water tastes…

Recently I was introduced to Waterdrop, who are big fans of encouraging people to drink more water packed full of vitamins. They sell water drops, which are little cubes made with ingredients using extracts from plants and fruits, that are also sugar free.

They offer a range of different flavours, which include:
Boost – Blackcurrent and Elderflower
Defence – Rosehip and Moringa
Lime – Baobab and Acrola
Youth – Ginger, Ginseng and Dandelion

I will try anything that helps me get more vitamins in my body, especially in today’s climate. I tried out the Youth water drops, which I found refreshing, and it flavoured the water nicely without it being overpowering. The pack comes with 12 cubes at just £6.99. If you want to try out the flavours before you invest in a box of 12, you can opt for the Waterdrop taster set, which contains six delicious flavours.

If you like a caffeine fix, first thing in the morning, but want a more healthier option instead of coffee, you can opt for the NERO cubes that contain natural caffeine, along with Guarana, cola nut, blackberry and activated charcoal.

The most striking thing about the Waterdrop products are the beautiful glass bottles they sell, with a range of different designs. I’m not a big fan of drinking out of plastic bottles, so these are perfect: stylish and eco-friendly.

They also sell stainless steel bottles, if you prefer a more minimal, sleek look. All bottles come with a fabric holdall, which helps prevent the bottles from getting damaged, which is so handy for me, as I tend to stuff them in my huge handbag crammed full of bits and bobs.

We all need to up the stakes when it comes to drinking water and getting enough vitamins, with Waterdrop’s stylish bottles and water drops packed full of vitamins, they certainly makes it easy and stylish.


Written by Nyla S.