Experiential events makers The Lost Estate have today announced a secret Jazz Age Night In experience, designed to help budding Roaring ‘20s mixologists transform their home into a Prohibition jazz den for one night only.

The Estate, famed for their bewitching live experiences, have now added MS. BELLE LIVINGSTONE’S SUPERIOR MEDICINAL SPIRITS COMPANY to their portfolio, a company specialising in home-delivered kits that offer everything – spirits, syrups, bitters, bartenders equipment, glassware and even soundtrack – required to make twelve prohibition cocktails from scratch and host a fabulous Roaring ‘20s night-in.

Those who buy the box are invited to suspend reality and transport themselves back to New York City in the summer of 1928. High society speakeasy owner Belle Livingstone has been forced to close her famed bar, One Man House, by federal agents. Undeterred by the setback, the crafty owner has come up with an outrageous way round the ban – delivering the Speakeasy direct to her valued customers in the comfort of their homes. 

Teaming up with Romola Remus, Hollywood starlet and now owner of her disgraced father George’s ‘medicinal distillery’ empire, Belle has created a mail order pack of ‘medical spirits’ with guides on how to transform them into miraculous ‘mixed cure-all remedies.’ Coincidentally tasting identical to her Speakeasy’s most popular cocktails, Belle will be delivering this box of Jazz Age restoratives straight to the front door.

In the box is a letter from Belle herself, explaining what’s in the pack and how to use it. Keeping the guest utterly immersed, this letter has been hurriedly typed on the back of a blank medicinal alcohol prescription.

Included in the box are all the ingredients (spirits, bitters and syrups) to make two servings each of six Prohibition classics such as: Gin Fizzes, Old Fashioneds, Bees Knees and Mojitos. As usual with The Lost Estate, ingredients are of the highest quality, with the likes of Embargo, City of London Gin and Four Roses (itself originally a Prohibition ‘medicinal whiskey’ brand) all included. The box also contains a full bartender’s kit – shaker, muddler, strainer, bar spoon and jigger – plus a set of recipe cards, bar skills manual and two beautiful Prohibition-style Nick and Nora glasses. With clear but insightful recipes that explain the science of cocktail-making, not just the actions required, the experience aims both to immerse the guest in the height of the Jazz Age, and leave them with new, masterly mixology skills.

The pack is dedicated to creating an extraordinary night, not just a drinking experience. So there is also a card on making authentic American bar snacks and Ms. Livingstone Shimmy Shaking guide, a brief primer on the art of transforming your home into a Speakeasy – with tips on how to set the tone, style a table and cut loose, Livingstone-style. Underpinning that are links to a custom Jazz Age playlist with authentic 1920s recordings from the likes of Louie Armstrong and Duke Ellington to soundtrack the night. 

The full box costs £99.99. For “experts” who have the equipment already at home, a stripped down box can be requested with just the ingredients and experience cards. 

Buying the box will mean lifetime membership of the Livingstone Club. This is a password-protected website where refills for the kit and exclusive new sets can be found. Indeed, Belle has already begun a review of her outrageous adventures through Monte Carlo, Paris and London, a sojourn so full of steamy affairs and outlandish excesses, that it won her the title of most dangerous woman in Europe from the scandalized British Press

Delivery is UK-wide through DPD.

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