Where to Get Your Pancake Fix on Shrove Tuesday

It’s that time of the year again when we can all legitimately stuff our faces with the fluffy, carby sugary delights that are pancakes. Here’s the spots you need to know about serving up some real treats to mark the special occasion, and vegans don’t worry, we’ve also got you covered: Polo Bar – Great British Café in Liverpool Street open 24 hours a day!

Polo Bar serves up pancakes at all hours, along with many other classic British faves. Considering how seriously they take their pancakes, they don’t limit their special to Shrove Tuesday but stretch it out over a whole week!
Pancake Day alert: Liverpool Street’s 24-hour favourite, POLO BAR is bringing back their epic pancake challenge! The task is simple: devour a stack of 12 fluffy pancakes, complete with bananas, fresh berries, vanilla ice cream and a cheeky dash of strawberry sauce in under 15 minutes, and the stack is yours for free, plus a bottle of prosecco if you have any room left. Can’t quite stomach it? The stack is yours for £25, but unfortunately no bubbles.

For those wanting to attempt the challenge, you’d batter be prepared to wait – there are queues around the block on Shrove Tuesday.
The pancake challenge will be available from 4th – 10th March 2019.

Chakra – contemporary Indian restaurant with views of the river                    
Chakra offers North Indian cuisine with Punjabi influences in Kingston and Kensington. With a focus on seasonal and high quality ingredients, their menu shows the best of their innovative cuisine. Although their brunch menu is currently paused, this pancake day they’re bringing back a firm favourite to help you celebrate!

Pancake Day alert: Crab Uttapam
For something a bit different, head to Chakra’s lovely riverside restaurant in Kingston. This pancake day they’re serving up Crab Uttapam, a rice flour pancake with tomatoes chillies, peppers and delicious crab meat. (£6.95)

Kalifornia Kitchen – Vegan friendly joint that will tickle you pink!
The brainchild of Vegan influencer and creative power house Lui Blake, Kalifornia Kitchen’s ethos is to redefine the way we regard plant based food and make it a regular go-to option for any hungry customer. Kalifornia Kitchen wants to break down the barriers of vegan eating making it as much fun as it is tasty.

Pancake Day alert: Buckwheat & Banana Pancakes (GF)
For a gluten free option, all pink and vegan friendly joint Kalifornia Kitchen have got you covered! Their buckwheat and banana pancakes are served with coconut yoghurt, caramelised bananas & almond brittle which is sure to satisfy your pancake craving. Complete your meal with a CBD latte for a zen Sunday brunch.

The Breakfast Club, @ Here East Canalside – known for their amazing brunches and a go to for pancakes.

Pancake Day alert: The Breakfast Club don’t mess around when it comes to Pancake Day. This year they’ve created 5 specials, inspired by fast food giants, as well as British and American sweet treats.
First up there’s The Big Stack (£10.50) which pays tribute to a legendary burger that celebrated its 50th birthday last year by combining pancakes with patty’s. Then there’s a spicy stack of pancakes that honours a Kentucky fried wonder; The Ringer Stinger Tower (£10.50). and their last savoury offering also happens to be vegan, inspired by Crispy Duck Pancakes, The Jack Duckfruit (£10.00) disguises jackfruit as duck, even your most carnivorous friend will love these!

For those with a sweet tooth, there’s The PB&J (£9.50), oozing with peanut butter and jam, as well as fresh banana, chocolate syrup a crunchy nutty topping. Last but definitely not least, there’s The Apple Pie (£9.00) which is a deep-fried apple pancake pie (!!!) drenched in custard!
These specials will be available from Pancake Day on the 5th of March until the 8th of March.

Go and Enjoy, you have ample choices!