Whittard of Chelsea Launches Quintessentially British Collection

A New Instant Tea Range ft. Fish & Chips, Baked Beans, and Roast Dinner Blends

Today, heritage UK tea brand, Whittard of Chelsea, releases its Quintessentially British Collection, a new Instant Tea range, featuring three delicious, limited edition and definitively British flavours.

The unmissable flavour profiles will take consumers on a sensory journey, inspired by the rich landscape of British gastronomic tradition.

Crafted with the essence of tradition and a dash of culinary creativity, the three distinct Instant Tea flavours celebrate the hearty iconic British meals that we all know and love, in harmony with the British ritual of a cup of tea.

Championing British cuisine and culture, the flavour profiles savour nostalgia, one delightful sip at a time.

Please see details of the new limited-edition range below. 

Fish & Chips Instant Tea 🐟🍟 

Fragrant flavours of fried fish paired with the starchy vinegar tang of hot chips. Mushy peas make a nice accompaniment for a mid-afternoon tea break.

Baked Beans Instant Tea 🍞

A rich blend of sweet, smoky tomato with delicious free-floating beans. Perfect with toast! 

Roast Dinner Instant Tea 🍗

Satisfying Sunday roast flavours coupled with delectably thick gravy granules, the perfect hot drink for a Sunday afternoon or to satisfy a mid-week roast craving.