You can now buy Jaffa Cake Gin – here’s what it tastes like

If there’s anything we love, it’s a classic reimagined in alcoholic format – because why eat your favourite snack, when you could drink it, with a kick?

Well, Jaffa Cake fans, we’ve got good news; there’s now a gin flavoured like your favourite biscuit.

The tipple has been distilled with oranges, fresh orange peel, cocoa powder and actual Jaffa cakes, so it’s pretty close to the real deal. Sold at Master of Malt, it’s described as  having a “marmalade-esque” scent, with rich chocolate undertones and a dash of “vanilla cake”.

As for what it tastes like, we gave it a try and yes, it really is like dipping your Jaffa Cake in booze. Which is… confusing, to say the least.

If you love the biscuit, it’s very likely that you’ll love this gin. However, we felt the flavour was a tad synthetic but then again, it’s not an actual Jaffa Cake, so it would be.

On the whole, it’s also quite sweet – almost too sweet – but still very tasty.

Let’s put it this way; if we were offered a glass, we’d drink it, but it wouldn’t be our first choice on the spirit shelf.

Perhaps that’s just our palate however, as the drink has proven super popular with shoppers.

One person said it was “absolutely amazing”, while another commented that the flavour has converted them into liking gin.

“Always hated gin before this,” they wrote in a review.

“But oh my god. This is insane. Not too sweet like liqueur, not too rough like tonic gin. Heaven. Oof!.”

Someone else commented: “I really did not expect this to taste like Jaffa Cakes but boy oh boy, this is fantastic. Can’t see it lasting long so have ordered another bottle.”

Fancy trying it for yourself?

The spirit is sold at £27.95 for 70cl, and if you choose express delivery, you could be mixing chocolate and orange cocktails by early next week.

You can order the Jaffa Cake Gin here: