Tails Cocktails!

Recently we were sent two bottles of Tails Cocktails to enjoy during this seemingly never ending lockdown period and we couldn’t have been more impressed. Who and what are Tails Cocktails we hear you ask?

Well.. Tails Cocktails are the UK’s experts in batched Cocktails and they’re now delivering cocktails straight to your house! Theres a wide range to chose from including Margaritas and Pornstar Martinis, but we couldn’t go past the Espresso Martini and a Mojito.

While we found the Mojito a little sweet, the Espresso Martini blew us away.   It was utter perfection! The instructions were simple and easy to use, pour in shaker, add ice, shake til frothy then pour in a glass. How simple is that?I would have certainly paid a fortune for one of these if there bars were open.

Nick Wall, CEO & Founder of Tails has stated that “With self-isolation and social distancing in full force, many people are separated from their family, friends and loved ones. Whilst not being able to visit their favourite bars and restaurants, Tails are bringing the experience and enjoyment of professional cocktails direct to their homes. As a little Tip, I love sprinkling or even shaving chocolate over our Espresso Martini foam”.

Well Nick, you’ve made being on lockdown a little easier and a hell of a lot tastier, so thank you for this fabulous idea. My house mate and I have both attempted to make the perfect Espresso Martini at home while we’ve been in lockdown and just couldn’t get it right, so Tails Cocktails came at the perfect time.

 Tails cocktails come in 1L bottles which include all you need to re-create an authentic and easy cocktail experience at home. And if you’re having trouble, the Perfect Serve Videos on the Website, help assist home mixologists to prepare the cocktails.  The  1L cost £25, with free delivery at on all UK orders above £30. So excuse us while we start ordering for the next bank holiday weekend. There’s also a 20% offer on first order: promo code: firstround 


Written by Tegan LeBon