The Big New York Breakfast

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 The Big New York Breakfast brings brinner back to MIMOD’s Kitchen!
February 16th

Brinner… The stuff that dreams are made of. Who wouldn’t love the opportunity to have a crumpet with a cocktail? Pop tarts at 10pm? Or a glass of wine with their cereal (and not at 8am in the morning kind of way)? Well finally this dream can become a reality. MIMOD’s Kitchen (Most Important Meal of the Day) is an exciting new London supper-club allowing guests to combine breakfast with dinner, with an innovative hand-made menu. Next taking place on February the 16th, the Big New York Breakfast, Inspired by the 24hr delis and diners of the big apple, will bring authentic smoked whitefish bialys (the bagel’s underrated cousin), silver dollar pancakes, and PB+J smoothie sundaes to East London.

Past events have sold out in record time, so make sure you get your tickets soon to avoid the crushing disappointment of not having the opportunity to try one of the chefs amazing Homemade blueberry pop tarts, washed down with a Big Apple Mimosa.
£35pp for five course tasting menu – including a welcome drink and three whole desserts – starting with Big Appletinis and savory muffins, staying right through ‘til homemade pop tarts at 10pm!

Arrivals at 7pm, the first course served rom 7.30pm
To book tickets: www.mimodskitchen.com 

Long White Cloud
151 Hackney Road
E2 8Jl