5 Things NOT to do on Valentines

Sad man

1. Call your partner by your exes name
We have all been there when we just do dumb stuff right? After all the drinks and fun on Valentines Night, its all too easy to have a slip of the tongue. Be warned this will result in being dumped and probably drenched with water.

2. Forget it is Valentines
I have to admit this did happen to me. I was invited to go out somewhere on Feb 14th, stupid me sent a text to my partner explaining I will be busy from 14th-18th Feb. I got a simple message back saying “It is Valentines Day”. My response of “And?” didn’t go down well. So I recommend stick it in your phone with alarms and lights flashing.

3. Pick anything up from the floor!!!
This is ONE NIGHT THAT YOU DON’T WANT TO DO THAT!!! There are too many “I thought he was going to propose” stories without you being one.

4. Go to Macdonald’s
We’ve all seen floating around social media the marketing ploy of one Macdonald’s restaurant advertising a candlelit dinner for two. As much as the recession has hit most of us pretty hard, unless you want to stay single from Feb-Dec we suggest staying clear of the Big Mac for one Night.

5. Take the kids with you on date night
This one is totally for us parents out there. I am only going to say it once, leave the kids with a minder. Enjoy a break and your partner for a night. You can thank us later

By Abi Onas