Aldi’s Pigs In Blankets Pop-Up Restaurant

How many pigs in blankets is too many? I don’t even want to know with the amount I ate last night at Aldi’s Pigs in Blankets restaurant.

Pigs In Blankets are a fabulous festive food and this year Aldi has launched their biggest range of the Christmas trimming.  You can sample them on Friday 24th and Saturday 24th November at Aldi’s pop-up Pigs In Blankets restaurant. They will serve a six course meal of them, with a button to keep pressing for more. The one hour sitting costs £5 with all proceeds going to Neighbourly- a platform helping businesses make a positive impact on their community. Although tickets for the event have sold out, the PIB restaurant will be reserving space for walk-ins so start getting into the festive spirit by heading here.

We started with the Butcher’s Select British Pigs in Blankets. These are fine but the Specially Selected Pigs in Blankets wrapped in triple oak smoked streaky bacon  (£2.39 for 10) were of much better quality and taste.

Next was the Ultimate No Pork Sausages wrapped in smoky vegan bacon (£2.99). My future sister-on-law is vegan so I’m trying more and more vegan foods and I have to say these were quite nice especially paired with the cranberry sauce. I’d have these again.

Then came the ‘Best Pigs in Blankets’ as awarded by BBC Good Food Christmas Supermarket Taste Test 2023. These were the Specially Selected British caramelised onion chipotles wrapped in bacon (£2.39 for six). I can see why they won as they are very tasty with the caramelised onion giving it a sweeter and more flavourful bite. I was eager to try the Specially Selected British Brie and Cranberry Candy Cane Pigs In Blankets (£2.99). As the name suggests these are infused with punchy cranberry, creamy brie and shaped into a festive candy cane. I love cheese and feel these could have been a bit more cheesy. Pair with the cranberry sauce brought out the flavours even more.

Pictured: Today, Aldi opened the nation’s first Bottomless Pigs in Blankets Restaurant (in North London’s Camden Passage)– the ultimate experience for pig in blanket enthusiasts, complete with a ‘Press for PIBs’ button to unlock unlimited courses of the festive favourite.
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For something different, try Pigs in Nlankets in a Yorkshire pudding or on a pizza. I love pigs in blankets and Yorkshire pudding so I was excited to try the Giant Yorkshire Pudding Pig in Blanket (£4.99). I thought I’d enjoy this more than I did, as this was a bit salty and bland. By this point, I was already full but I couldn’t resist trying the Specially Selected Festive Pigs in Blankets Wood Fired Sourdough Pizza (£3.75). Back by popular demand, the pizza features rich tomato sauce, British pigs in blankets, cranberyy sauce, British maple sliced turkey and a garlic and herb British pork crumb. I’m not the biggest fan of turkey but having it on a pizza was certainly an interesting change and I’d recommend trying it for its uniqueness.

For those still hungry, there’s a ‘press for PIB’ button that starts the menu over again and over again.

I have to give a shout out to the Specially Selected Pigs in Blankets Hand Cooked Crisps (£1.99). You’ll need more than one pack as these are so moreish.

Aldi is reported to have sold 38 million pigs in blankets last year, and expects to sell as many as 43 million this year. Brits are expected to eat 423 million PIBs on Christmas Day alone, and one in 10 of us grabbing the first by 10am! Products are available online and in store, with most available from 24 November and some landing on shelves on various dates in December.

Address: 7 Camden Passage, Camden,  N1 8EA




Written by Caitlin Neal