Ann Sophie Pic Sushi Box

The Sushi shop has excelled in providing us hungry Londoners with upmarket fresh sushi and recently they teamed up with French chef Anne Sophie Pic, to create a limited edition sushi box, filled with four different sushi creations.

The box includes:
• 3 Sushi with yellow tail, sage and lemon balm pesto, smoked tea
• 8 Signature with tuna, green apple, dill and sobacha
• 6 California with goat cheese, matcha green tea and bergamot
• 6 Woodland maki with mushrooms, rose

The Woodland Maki was one of my favourites, and was a delightful surprise – button mushrooms, rose geranium and ginger. It doesn’t sound like it belongs in a traditional sushi box, and that’s because it doesn’t. The combination of ingredients makes this one stand out, the rose geranium gives off a nice floral note. It was the fastest one to disappear along with the sushi with yellow tail.

The sushi with yellow tail comes in at £2.90 each if you were to buy them separately. They are worth every penny, fresh, flavoursome with a nice taste of sage and lemon The other two creations in the box were also very tasty. The California roll, has grilled rice genmaicha which gives it a real crunch.

23 pieces for £24, now this may sound on the tad pricey side, but it’s worth it. The flavour will have your taste-buds screaming for more. You can either pop into one of the Sushi Shop branches or you can order for delivery. The Anne Sophie Pic Box Limited Edition is available at Sushi Shop until December 2018

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Written by Nyla S.