Annabella Hilal’s gold and caviar skincare is everything

Annabella Hilal earned a degree from La Sagesse College of Law, Lebanon and a PhD from the University of Montpellier, France. Now, that may not be something you’d expect of someone crowned Miss. Lebanon in 2004 and went on to the top seven finalists of Miss World 2006. It was these outstanding achievements and her striking looks which attracted a flourishing career on prime time TV. Annabella presented Arab Idol, The Voice, The Voice Kids, The Voice Senior and Celebrity Duets. The programs on MTV and MBC Arabia all carry the highest viewing figures in the Arab nations. With over 2.6 million followers on her verified Instagram and 691k followers on Twitter it would be fair to say that Annabella has a great deal of influence.

Behind the scenes Annabella has found the time to launch a skincare range with her husband, renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Nader Saab. We caught up with them at London’s Dorchester Hotel during their flying visit to the capital.

Annabella brightens up the room as she walks in. Her skin is impossibly luminous and her manner charismatic and engaging. “London is pure magic. No matter how busy I am I visit Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park and The British Museum. They’re my favourite places to see here,”she adds.

We move on to Annabella’s career and how she started out as an ambitious young woman with a dream which she turned into reality. “I started my career when I was just 18 years old. I did a TV show in Lebanon called Mission Fashion and loved it. To anyone who wants to pursue anything in life, I would say to be confident and persistent. Invest in yourself and believe that you can do it.”

She loves the work she does. “I like doing live shows. The one irreplaceable thing about a live performance is the connection with the audience. You really feel the buzz of what you’re doing. It’s a wonderful feeling.”

Right now, Annabella is excited about the launch of the ultra-luxury skincare range she inspired – Caviar Concept by Dr. Nader Saab. Her husband, Dr. Nader joins the conversation to explain. “Annabella is absolutely my muse. She’s strong, caring, beautiful and hard-working. She inspired the skincare range that I developed.”

Like Annabella, Dr. Nader studied in France, worked in Europe and eventually returned to Lebanon to set up his private practice there. The research and development for the skincare was done in his laboratory in Switzerland. Caviar Concept by Dr. Nader Saab is a comprehensive set of products which can be used individually but work best together. There is a Caviar Perfect Radiance Serum, Caviar Perfect Eye Cream, Royal Intensive Treatment (with elixir of gold and caviar), Caviar Protective Night Cream and Day Cream and a Caviar Regenerating Mask. They have been developed based on Dr. Nader’s extensive experience in the beauty industry and is suitable for all skin types.

“The product is based on gold, caviar and stem cells. The effect of the ingredients is a revered combination. The result is anti-ageing
because they work on the deeper layers of the skin. Stem cells stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, regenerating energy to the skin.
The treatments also contain a host of other ingredients, including extracts of Alpine plants and of course gold for luminosity. Gold also detoxifies, firms, and revitalises the skin while reducing the appearance of fine and deep wrinkles,” he adds.

Annabella chimes in, “I am the face of his products because he has always taken great care of my health and skin all through our marriage and especially during my pregnancies. Along with the pregnancies and my busy lifestyle of working under bright studio lights for long hours, my skin was under serious stress. This range rejuvenated my skin and made it look healthy. It gave me the confidence to have my close-ups and not be self-conscious.”

As for things that inspire her Annabella finds it in many things but Lebanon is closest to her heart. “As you know recently we have faced many hardships but we shall face them with our faith and resilience. Watching Lebanese people throughout history is so inspiring. They symbolise so much hope for me.” This would explain why Annabella dedicates her spare time working with charities and NGOs organising TV shows that give back to the community.

With such a captivating attitude to life, love and family it’s easy to see how this dream team husband and wife have created something special. Devotees of the indulgent skincare benefit from the experience of two exceptionally knowledgeable individuals. Best of all, neither of them just talk. They walk the walk; the range is based on their own busy lives. Whilst the products are available to buy through Dr. Nader’s clinic in Dubai Londoners can now purchase them via Instagram. Simply follow @drnadersaab and message your inquiry. Your purchases will be delivered directly to your front door via DHL.

We love the products and couldn’t recommend them enough!

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