JUST EAT ME: Just in time for Valentine’s Day, LELO launches raunchy food delivery service, designed specifically for eating off your partner(s)

If there’s ever a tantalising time to experiment with your partner or partners to explore new sexual kinks together, then it’s Valentine’s Day. That’s why sexual wellness brand LELO will be trialling Click and Lick, a food delivery service with a difference for one day only.

The clue is in the name, as the Click and Lick menu bundle – featuring whipped cream, cherries, chocolate sauce, cake and champagne – is designed specifically for eating off your Valentine partner (or partners). More deliver-ooh! than Deliveroo, the passionate package includes LELO condoms, a LELO massage candle, and a blindfold for the ultimate phwoar-course meal delivered to your door.

The trial of the Click and Lick delivery service comes as ‘sploshing’ and ‘food play’ become increasingly popular sex trends, with sploshing generating over 11 million views on TikTok. LELO’s recent Sex Census* revealed a desire for exploring sex in new and creative ways and powered by this insight, LELO is encouraging Brits to explore new desires this Valentine’s Day.

With deliveries spanning the UK in London, Manchester and Edinburgh, pleasure-seekers can sign up for their FREE delivery slot here

Jaydi Wilson-Jenkins, LELO’s UK Marketing and Communications Manager, comments: “This Valentine’s Day, we’re going further than Just Eat and Deliveroo with a food delivery offering designed to excite and tantaslise more than the tastebuds.

LELO has always been at the forefront of breaking down sexual stigmas and normalising pleasure, and we couldn’t be more excited to launch the UK’s first delivery service catered specifically for food fetishes!”

Kate Moyle, LELO’s in-house Sex and Relationships expert, comments: “The Hollywood blockbuster movie 9 ½ Weeks introduced food and sex play to mainstream culture in the 1980s, but it’s always been an ingredient to love making. Experimenting can be as much or as little as you want it to be, I’d suggest playing with temperatures of the food items and dialling up the sensuality for example using a blindfold. The key is that it’s playful – don’t take it too seriously, communication with each other and have fun.” 

For anyone looking to try out food play or sploshing this February 14th, Kate Moyle shares her top tips:

How to talk to your partner about it

Bringing up the subject with your partner is like introducing anything new to your sex life: if you feel nervous then you can always start by using a prompt (a memory of something you have previously tried together, a scene from a film, etc.) – this can help you to start the conversation.


If your partner isn’t immediately on the same page as you, don’t worry – give them a chance to grapple with the idea of something new.


Tips to get started for the first time 

The unavoidable aspect of food play is the mess. For some, the pure volume of food or substance might dictate the venue, whereas for others you may be able to be more playful. The bedroom isn’t necessarily a no-go zone, but if you want to make the clean-up easier putting towels down on the bed will help and doesn’t risk your favourite bedsheets!

How to experiment with food in the bedroom

Experimenting can be as much or as little as you want it to be. It may be feeding each other whilst closing one of the other senses (eg. using a blindfold). It may be placing food all over your partner’s body and building up anticipation and desire as you eat it off – or you making it into a game.

 At the heart of sexual experimentation is fun and play – the only rules that are important are that it’s safe, legal and consensual.


How to use the following items:


Whipped cream and melted chocolate are great for putting on the body and then sensually licking off. With any heated products just make sure that you aren’t dripping anything onto skin immediately without checking it first – particularly sugar-based items can hold their temperature for longer and you don’t want any burns. 

Cake has become a very popular product in terms of sploshing. Many people use cakes for sitting on, and cake-sitting has been described by some as a sub-fetish in its own right, to do with the texture and sensual experience, but also for the pleasure of the viewer. 

Cherries are commonly shared between partners as part of kissing and eating out of each other’s mouths, which can build up a sense of playful anticipation. The lips have a really high density of nerve endings which can mean that it’s very sensual and erotic to play with different textures and temperatures.