Behind the Brand: Daniel and Lade

Daniel and Lade

A great suit can speak a thousand words. What better way to start the New Year but with an interview with one of the newest bespoke suit tailors for men. We find out how the business started and where you can pick up one of the best suits made without spending a fortune on Saville Row.

1. When did you start business and what gave you the idea to start ?
My tailoring and shoe making business started in 2010… I decided to start the business as a result of my passion for fashion and the desire to done men in nice fitted garments at affordable prices, putting an end to the expensive ill-fitting suits.

2. What inspires your designs and where do you fit into the market?
My designs are inspired by INDIVIDUALISM and NON-CONFORMITY yet remaining INTEGRAL and Relevant to the present day style. I do bespoke garments and shoes, so I try to bring to life my clients feelings, thoughts and imaginations and express all these through their outfit which brings us to our slogan – “APPEARANCE IS MORE THAN AN IDEA”. I design pieces specifically exclusive to the individual client without it being replicated; one of a kind, uniquely customised.

I believe you don’t have to break the bank to get the best. However, good things don’t come cheap. I’d say our brand is just in between top-end high street and designer prices. We represent “Affordable Luxury”

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3. What has been your proudest moment in business ?
I’ve had a few moments I’d like to think made me proud. One of which was initially getting my team of shoemakers and getting a formal agreement with them to help maximise our potential, to recently integrating out bespoke online 3D suit platform successfully onto our website after working on it for eleven months

4. What challenges have you faced in business that you have most learned from?
In life and business, people often think the path to success is straight; however, that is a very wrong notion as it involves crossing a lot of hurdles, making so many errors, dedication, perseverance and commitment.
My main challenge was initially starting out. I had these beautiful ideas but I had to take my time to think and plan and even when I started it all seemed overwhelming and everywhere I went, contact I made seemed futile as I was competing against companies and brands that had so much money to spend and I realised that the luxury business was every GATED (rich catering to and for the rich). They didn’t want anyone coming in to break that circle.
Another major challenge was finally setting up my bespoke online 3D suit platform. With my vision to clothe every man in properly fitted suits, I thought why not create a platform accessible by Everyman where they can design their garments and shoes themselves. The concept was nice but execution wasn’t as easy. I worked with a team of IT and web developers and for months it’d seem we were close only to realise we still had to do this and that. We finally finished the integration 11 months after starting and I can say that was a long bridge crossed.

5. What’s your idea of success ?
My idea of success is creating the perfect ensemble for my clients. Dining them in garments and shoes that will make them feel invincible and most especially they won’t want to come out of.

6 . How can people contact you about getting a suit custom made?
We offer bespoke service @ our Brixton based studio by appointment only. You can email [email protected] or call 02033183030 to schedule an appointment.
We also have our SUIT and SHOE bespoke 3D online platforms on our website where our clients can go directly to design their garments and shoes themselves.

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