Cahoots launches ‘Bootlegger Breakout’

Escape rooms, can be thrilling for some and pretty daunting for others, solving clues in a very short amount of time and running around like a maniac, can cause most of us to have a meltdown. But not the new escape room from Cahoots, this is an escape room experience you’ll want to get on board! On October 17th, Cahoots will be swing open their doors to the ‘Bootlegger Breakout’ – a thrilling puzzle-solving and cocktail making escape room experience.

The adventure will take place in the depths of the Cahoots Control Room, Soho’s subterranean hideout, from which the Scoundrels supply Booze to the black market.

Alas the local coppers recently caught the Scoundrels and threw them behind bars. You and your gang are the new recruits, you will need to get the production line up and running again. You will be greeted with a welcome cocktail and the escape room element of the experience will begin with the discovery of a solo Scoundrel, who’s been left tied up and gagged in the Control Room’s iron locker. He’s your one hope, so you’ll need to find the key, unlock the Scoundrel, befriend him and help him recreate the cocktails before the coppers return.

You will be solving puzzles, discovering allies, uncovering recipes and unlocking the ingredients needed to get the production line up and running. Complete the challenge and you will be rewarded with an exciting cocktail masterclass, learning how to make Cahoots’ classics before the delivery deadline strikes. 

The interactive cocktail element will involve making one of the speakeasy’s most popular tipples, Winston Churchill. You and your gang will then take the reins and create the best-looking/tasting bootleg punch to release to your thirsty punters.

Think you got what it takes to learn the tricks of the trade and get that production line up and running again?

Tickets can be booked here.