Cahoots review

Cahoots is a sexy 1940s speakeasy, themed around a disused underground tube station complete with vintage carriages, tube map boards, ornate lamp shades and singing dolly girls. We headed on over to venture on The Captain’s Journey Through Tuscany, a select menu of 6 cocktails featuring Peter of Florence gin and Nunguam vermouth.

The first step on our journey was to figure out how to enter. Slightly hidden away in an alleyway just off kingly court, a place you may have to know about in advance… Oh and I do highly advise you book in advance, this place is popular!

Once inside, you are transported into a dimly lit underground world of a 1940s speakeasy, you are greeted by a train guard who wil take your coat and bag before you board the vintage tube, once seated you are offered a cocktail menu, disguised as a newspaper.

We side stepped the traditional newspaper menu and proceeded to board the Captain’s journey menu, this limited editon menu inspired by Tuscany couldn’t be ignored.

Being a massive negroni fan the first cocktail we tried was of course the ‘Ave a banana – Negroni’. The concoction of Peter in Florence gin, banana cordial and Nunguam vermouth would trick you into thinking that this drink is sickly and brash, to the contrary, the murmur of banana is balanced delicately to deliver a far more balanced and quite delicious drink. Our favourite of the night.

Next up was the Autumn underground – the Nunguam bitterness cuts through the subtle earthiness of the beetroot and delivers quite a rich and fruity drink.

We then switched to the two sharper offerings on the menu. “Always trust the Peterman` and “From Florence With Love” and we were about to have a “Citrus off”

Starting with a trip to Florence, there is an initial draught of the citrus train that is about to collide with your tastebuds. For the sour fans in the room, the grapefruit and Lemon juice in this drink delivers on punch and flavour.

Finally, we placed our trust in the Peterman. This drink did feel safe and familiar as a long drink of Fizzy orange and lime, but not as exciting perhaps as the Trip to Florence.

This place is definitely worth the hype, from the service to the cocktails to the entertainment we were thrilled from start to finish and we can’t wait to visit the new Cahoots located around the corner, opening in November.

Website: https://www.cahoots-london.com

Address: 13 Kingly Ct, Soho, London W1B 5PW

Written by Rick Hartley