See The Flower Power Exhibition at JM Gallery

Artist Suzan Tokcan takes us on a fanciful journey down a rabbit hole, to a dazzling world of shimmering flower imagery. A dreamy cornucopia that celebrates and questions the relationship between truth and fiction. Employing photomontage, image distortion and painting Tokcan constructs an exhilarating tension between hyper real and mythological landscapes. The ride is simultaneously perplexing and breath taking.

Heavily influenced by Pop Art, Suzan’s flowers are ‘characters’ much like Warhol’s Marilyn’s. She uses symbols of peace and love and positivity by ‘posing’ them against odd and whimsical backgrounds – much like selfies. The references here are often private but open-ended enough for viewers to make up their own stories.

Suzan’s montages work together with flower images and objects that she has photographed in her various experiences. She draws on unexpected connections and differences of cultural and personal narratives.

empty wall in classical style interior with leather sofa on grey background wall. 3d rendering

This Flower Power exhibition questions the everyday representation of ideas and aesthetics narratives and considers the contrasting elite and patriarchal narratives between high-brow and popular art.

Modern studio interior with living room, kitchen and copy space on wall. Mock up, 3D Rendering

Suzan Tokcan is a Turkish woman of mixed heritage living in London since her teens. She has always been interested in the unusual and original forms of representations that have developed into her unique art form, both appealing and challenging the usually expected representations.

Address: 230 Portobello Road, London W11 1LJ, between 21-26th September 23