Changing of Seasons

2012-07-01 14.44.16

You may find it hard to believe but we have now entered the season of Spring. I know some places have only just got rid of the snow (or still have some) but the weather is meant to improve.

I for one can’t wait for things to improve as it seems like it’s been cold and raining for the past 11 months.

We’re pretty lucky as a family, in the February half term we spent the week in Cornwall and we had sun everyday which was beautiful.

Everything seems to get better when the sun comes out, people are happier and we’re all a lot friendlier.

The family really enjoy the changing of seasons into spring and summer as it allows us all the chance to get out into the garden. One of the things the girls love is helping plant our various selection of fruit and vegetables that we grow every year. The problem comes when it’s time to pick the produce as I find a good percentage has been eaten by little people.

Both my girls are pretty good with the healthy eating and often Aly who’s 5 will ask for a salad for her dinner and everyday she’ll eat 4-5 different pieces of fruit, this has also helped with her enthusiasm for growing things.

The changing of seasons into the warmer months also means that the children get some much needed fresh air. Just last week I read that children in the UK are unhappiest in Western Europe and I’m not surprised by this. Weather has never really put us off going out, whether it’s a walk in the muddy woods or just messing around in the garden. We have always tried to encourage outdoor play but often it seems others sit indoors glued to the TV. Luckily with the sun coming out, at least we’ll be able to enjoy our outdoor fun in shorts and t-shirts.

What’s your favourite part of the changing of season?