Crocker Folly’s Halloween Cocktails Review

Enjoy cocktails? Enjoy Halloween? Then look no further then the range of Halloween inspired cocktails at Crockers Folly.

Last night we attended a spooky cocktail masterclass designed and created by Pasquale Cioce to sample this cocktail range. As well as learning to make four Halloween inspired cocktails we heard about the history and flavours behind each of the cocktails.

A great tasting cocktail was ‘Witches Brew’ comprised of gin, egg white, apricot liqueur, canberry syrup and rose wine. We both enjoyed the ominously named ‘Undertaker’ which is tequila, vinegar-shisho syrup, yuzu and apple juice.

‘Trinidad Sour’ comprises of Angostura bitters, whisky, orgeat (almond syrup) and lemon juice. It was served in a glass with edible coloured spray and a chocolate. When he asked for volunteers to make one, I thought I’d give it a whirl. It was a fun experience to step behind the bar and make my own drink.

The favourite in terms of presentation was ‘Jack the Ripper’ as it was served in a pumpkin! It comprises of vodka, cherry liqueur, banana liqueur, lemon juice and cherry bitter. Candy floss was also used in the process by pouring the liqueurs over it which melts the floss. At £9.50 the cocktails are affordable.

While watching these being made, we were served some lovely Lebanese food including chicken skewers and pitta bread with hummus. We then had some apple flavoured popcorn and some sweets in Halloween shapes.

Crockers Folly is an impressive venue. Originally built in 1898 as a hotel by Frank Crocker when there were plans to build railways station in St Johns Wood, he spared no expense. The plans for the railway were changed so the hotel was not as successful as Crocker hoped and he died early. In 1987 the name was changed to Crockers Folly to reflect its history. In 2004 the building was placed on the English Heritage Building ‘at risk’ list, before being purchased by The Maroush Group. This grade II listed heritage building still features the original 50 types of marble and high ceilings, as well as Romanesque columns, carved mahogany and crystal chandeliers. The look suggested it was very classy and upmarket. In reality, the beauty of the room was part of the charm which created a lovely, relaxed atmosphere.

The decorations were appropriate for Halloween with lots of pumpkins, candles, and (fake) spiders and webs. We’d highly recommend going to enjoy some cocktails (and food) at this stunning venue. Hurry as these Halloween inspired cocktails are only available until 31st October 2017.



24 Aberdeen Place

St Johns Wood


NW8 8JR.



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Written by Caitlin Neal