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Crystal healing at The Welcome Spa

I’ve had a crystal healing session done on me before, so this wasn’t a new experience but I was certainly intrigued to have another session (my first one was over 6 months ago) and see how my body and mind would react to this session.

Crystal healing taps into the energetic power of crystals and how they affect the body and mind. It is believed we are made up of energy, when our energy becomes blocked, stagnant or unbalanced it can cause pain or an illness. In the last 6 months, the shoulder and back pain I suffer from has gotten worse, I’m currently having acupuncture sessions and massages to help relieve the pain and I wanted to see if the crystal healing session, would also help with the pain.

I was asked to lay down fully clothed and the healer then started to place crystals on my chakra points, with the aim to unblock, focus and direct energy. She explained that it would also help in lifting my spirit, relaxing my mind and elevating my sense of being to a new level.

My healer swung a pendulum above the crystals and asked how I was feeling, sometimes I felt a tingling sensation, other times I just felt calm and relaxed. I was encouraged to breath deeply in and out throughout my session. I spoke to the healer about a recent foot pain I was suffering from as well, she massaged my foot and she also placed a crystal nearby.

Once the session was over, I felt relaxed, but there was no tingling feeling, just a state of calm. A sage stick was lit and waved over me before and after the session, removing any of the bad energy my body was holding onto.

I must say the day after the treatment, my foot pain had gone, now this could have been due to a combination of my acupuncture sessions and the crystal healing session, but I couldn’t help but think, if the pain would have still been there, had I not had a crystal healing session… The foot pain hasn’t come back which is incredible, I wish it had the same effect on my back and shoulder.

My healer had asked what I was looking for, to which I answered ‘Love’. At the end of the session, she gifted me a rose quartz, which I found to be a very thoughtful gift. Rose quartz is a Crystal of Unconditional Love. It carries a soft feminine energy of compassion and peace, tenderness and healing. It helps dissolve emotional wounds and fears, reawakening the heart to its own innate love.

The treatment room is in a studio in a block of different studios, hosting small businesses and creative entrepreneurs, so you never know what room you may stumble onto next.

The welcome spa also offers massages and facials, to see the full treatment list you can visit their website:

Address: Studio 9294, Mainyard studios, 92-94 Wallis road, Hackney, E9 5LN

Written by Nyla S.

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