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Bestival 2015: A Festival with The Dance Off Day 3 – Hillbilly Hoedown

“Good morning. Stella for brekkie?”

“Let’s pop in a apple for one of our 5-a-day.”

Refueled? Run to the venue, roll down some big ass hills and take the skin of our asses. All without spilling a beer. I was pretty successful until I got up and ran into the floor face first. Wait did I just get up and see a llama?

Dan Dennison - Llama Karma - b22693ec-57e5-11e5-9e8f-92ce347ad47a - Web

The word had spread from yesterday. No pulling in people today as Dada began to fill from the word go.


Second stage of initiation? The pick up.

Uncle TREV picks me up with my knees over his shoulders and my back to his body and holds me. He walks around a bit. Then he drops me. This happened a few times. I’m not sure why but I found it hilarious and came back for more. Apparently it’s a wrestling move…

And then we danced, like no one was watching. Or like everyone was watching. No one cared.


Dance-Off Decider of the day? Who can write the best thing on a hillbillys back. One guy wrote his number. He won the Dance-Off and a full salute…..


Or Billy Joel-tel getting taken doooowwwwnnn by a liver licking lady.


We left Dada heaving with warm dancing bodies. Our work there was done. Wait a sec, are people suppose to blurred like that…?

drunk beats

Then it was party time! Jungle played. My sweet sweet Jungle. I had a moment. Everyone seemed to leave me to it.

Carolina Faruolo - Jungle - 40518136-59b7-11e5-b78c-aee5d44592c4 - Web

Now this is where everything gets a little sketchy. The Chemical Brothers was amazing but incredibly intense. Lots of graphics and lights, like a quazer lazer came over and sicked up on the stage. I think my mind exploded at some point.

Carolina Faruolo - Chemical Brothers - d67e1096-59af-11e5-b756-aee5d44592c4 - Web

twig2Throughout the evening the rabble inevitably got split up, and I ended up exploring the Ambient Forest for a few hours with Biffin the human lampshade (whom described me as a ‘sexy stick’….hmmm we did find my twin sister that evening. Meh I’ll take that) and Cleatus.

We wandered to a little cinema (where the hell did that appear from?) and tried (failed) to break into the model village. Apparently you can only live in a tiny village in the day….

Hopped on a cool log and saw the wwwhhhoooolllle camp at night. Sick.

3am turn in. Pooped.



Dance-Off moment of the day? The lady with a matching two piece and the jiggly bum. Ooooh that jiggly bum…

CHeck out this dude and come incredibly tight slacks….and some more daggering action…

[youtubevideo video=”5zaFA2w6Tdc”][youtubevideo video=”PkKBQ9lpMwo”]

Tune in tomorrwo for the FINAL episode of The Dance Off @ Bestival 2015. No pants, no fear, no dignity…



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