Knockout heats take place: 3rd April, 17th April, 15th May & 29th May

All at Dabbers Bingo, Houndsditch (5 mins walk from Aldgate station)

Dabber’s Social Bingo, London’s best-loved alternative Bingo Hall is on the hunt for its 2022 ‘Next Top Bingo Caller’.  After a perilous journey, sixteen fearless contestants have been hand-selected to take part in the bingo-based-battle. 

With Dabbers, gone are the days of dusty old hosts mumbling “two fat ladies – 88” into the microphone, now callers get a chance to truly work the room and are encouraged to bring their talents, to the stage.

Hosted by BBC New Comedy Award finalist, Sikisa Bostwick, with a judging panel made up of agents, festival bookers and journalists, April and May will see, the knockout competitions begin, with our heroes batting it out in front of a live audience made up of bingo lovers and total newbies – all will be welcome. 

Each contestant auditioned by video, calling out their best bingo lingo to the camera. And each was selected for a unique talent; be that comedy, impressive dance moves, music, or just the skills to hold the attention of a room full of people as they reinvent bingo calling and make it their own.

The lucky winner will be announced on July 3rd and the ultimate victor will win £1000 courtesy of sponsors: Malibu, plus a 12-month contract with Dabbers Social Bingo and luxurious hotel stay, as he/she/they will get the opportunity to reinvent, transform and revamp the sought-after and glorious position of Bingo Caller. 

Meet the contestants 

Joe Bingham

Comedian Joe Bingham has the honour of opening the ball. He is no stranger to the stage, and notably performed at the Nottingham Comedy Festival in 2021. He prides himself in finding humour and absurdity in the most mundane – his midlands stand up is bound to make audiences chuckle. 


Alotta Nerve

Next up is the hilarious and fabulous character comedian, host, go-go dancer, and burlesque drag queen – Alotta Nerve, contestant and now finalist in Dabbers’ quest for a new Bingo Caller. In 2021, she was won Wicked Wonderland’s Cabaret Showcase & Competition, and as her very different alter ego, she’s also appeared in The Crown season 2.

Mike Capozzola

The next contestant is Mike Capozzola – an actor, presenter, and comedian originally from New York. He was raised in the world of Bingo and knows all about balls. Now based in London, he is determined to take what is rightfully is, and ready to become the Next Top Bingo Caller.


Ferrari Roche

Ferrari Roche is a flamboyant, fun, and fantastic drag queen. She sings, dances and was born to be an entertainer. Her persistent, sassy, and witty humour will have audiences falling off their chairs. 

Kitty Cassis

Kitty Cassis is a tale-teller beautician and a clairvoyant in her spare time, she is the high-spirited and lively creation of character comedian, Aimee Cooper. In 2020, Kitty Cassis and partner Jemima created Your Next Episode (Apple Podcasts), a podcast they both co-host. In 2021, she reached the finals of Brighton Grin new act competition. 


Dan Tiernan

Dan Tiernan is a gay, Mancunian, aspiring comedian living with dyspraxia. His high energy, witty and enthusiasm will certainly throw off more than one contestant. 

Edgar and Janynine

Played by character comedians Jonathan and Lorna, both based in London, duo Edger and Janynine are next in line. Unlike the other acts, they had never stepped a foot in London before – they can’t wait to share their parochial perspectives with you.

Christina Draguilera

Christina Draguilera is an exuberant, confident, and highly amusing drag queen. She loves to sing, dance, and entertain eager audiences, as she hosts karaoke, bingo, and quiz nights! When she is not shining on stage, she acts as a guide in the Drag Queen Diva Tour and the Silent Disco Walking Tour. 

Bad Bowie

Born in Essex, Bad Bowie is the self-proclaimed terrestrial representative of David Bowie. Channelling his spirit, he vows to deliver the best and most entertaining Bingo experience you have ever lived through, accompanied by songs and roars of laughter.

Jonny Walker 

Jonny Walker guarantees to sweep you off your feet with his fun-loving, cheeky, and relatable act. Contrary to other contestants, he cannot sing… but his passion and love for bingo and entertainment will, as he puts it, grab you by the balls.

Sindy Le Moist

Sindy Le Moist has been galivanting London’s streets forever, where she was born and bred. Her audacity, humour and charisma will make audiences gasp, then cackle.

Sue The Cleaner

Sue The Cleaner, or the next Cilla Black, believes she has all it takes to become the next winner. Don’t expect her to shed a drop of sweat, she does not dance, she does not sing but she did bribe the judges.  

Marty Gleeson is a playful, quirky, and Irish comedian with a magnetic personality. Earlier this year, she was a finalist in the West End New Act of the Year, and a semi-finalist in comedy competition So You Think You’re Funny?. Marty also hosts The Crowd of Cloud (Spotify), a podcast produced by comedians.

Other contestants include The Pinky, Sorel and Chris Hopkins 

Knock outs – Competition dates

Address: 18-22 Houndsditch, London EC3 7DB

03/04/2022                                       London                

17/04/2022                                       London

15/05/2022                                       London  

29/05/2022                                       London  

Semi-finals – competition dates

05/06/2022                                       London

12/06/2022                                       London

Finals – competition date

03/07/2022                                       London