Dining Al Fresco at Burger Shack

Burger Shack, brought to you by Young’s Pubs, is a new pop-up dining experience in the heart of Clapham Common next to The Windmill Pub. It enjoys it’s own independent kitchen as well as it’s own sizeable outdoor seating area but it’s conveniently close to the pub should the weather change at a moment’s notice!

Burger Shack Sign (1)

Burger Shack has a simple food menu comprised of four burgers (one vegetarian option), curly fries and curly fries topped with pulled-pork. However, there’s a whole medley of craft beers to get stuck into – everything from a black IPA to cider.

Burger Shack Clapham Common Menu

During my visit to Burger Shack all the diners that evening were serenaded by rather loud live music that made it difficult to hold conversation. However, when the music died down I found that I really liked the atmosphere of the place. It was a busy evening, people were coming and going and everyone seemed to be having a good time. You arrived, queued for food and drinks and then went to find a table – and there were enough to go around. The only downside was the initial long queue, but if you’re with good friends then the time will pass by quickly.

Burger Shack Clapham Common Burger, Chips and Cider

One thing that really impressed me about Burger Shack was that once you got past the initial queue you were given fantastic service. The orders were taken quickly and the food was all-ready, served up to you on easy-to-carry trays, pretty quickly too.

I was initially disappointed that there was no chicken burger on offer – instead three out of the four burger options all feature beef. There’s “The Classic”, made up of a beef patty, cheese and pickles, and “The Streaky”, which has the same ingredients plus the addition of bacon. As a whole, these two burgers were good – special mention goes out to the pickles – but the beef patty itself lacked flavour.

Burger Shack Burgers

Burger Shack’s third burger option is a beef burger topped with pulled pork. This was my favourite burger as the bun held together amazingly well and pulled pork itself was flavoursome without being too spicy. Personally, this is the only burger I’d repeat purchase off the menu! Despite being tasty, the Veggie Burger had a wet consistency – even compared to the pulled pork – as it didn’t have any variety of texture, which as a whole left it feeling very mushy. It’s worth a try for the flavours but I don’t think I’d choose to get it again.

Burger Shack Veggie Burger Review (1)

Overall, I think that Burger Shack offers a pleasant al fresco dining experience but food-wise it doesn’t offer anything superior to what can already be found in Clapham. If you like eating outdoors, or you love craft beer, then it might be worth a visit, but these aren’t burgers to blow your mind.


Angelica Pomroy