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EatAbout – Eat Beyond the Restaurant

Hailed the ‘AirBnB of food’ Eatabout is a new concept that takes the diner right to the core of their food.


Idea? Simple. Take world class chefs, their own chosen ingredients, the comfort of their own home and host a dinner party.

A supperclub then? Well not quite. You can book whenever you want, just contact the chef and arrange a date whether 2 people or 20. No more worrying about being seated next to a rowdy gang or awkward Annie. You decide when and where you dine.

We caught up with founder Felix to see why he thinks EatAbout is the next big thing…


So how did EatAbout start?

Well I had previously worked as a chef then turned to banking. I suddenly realised one day that I was 25, dress down Friday meant no tie, and I really wasn’t happy. Then I was chatting to my friend Philip (now co-founder previously worked for Google and Spotify) and we were like ‘Let’s just do it’. So I quit, and the rest is history.

Why this style of dining?

2 years ago when the idea started we were sick of dining in chains. Each one has the same disconnection from eating, to chef, to food sourcing. We thought ‘how can we change that?’


So how does it work?

We have a team of world class chefs (even some with Michelin stars!) who host at their houses for dinners. They create the menu, source their ingredients (some even grow their own) and chat to the diners throughout the evening.


Was it hard to start?

We knew it would work, we just had to prove it. We started by putting on steak lunches in our flat. I’d go out flyering at stupid o’clock in the morning and entice people to come in for lunch. It was a success! We then innovatively advertised. Instead of online or conventional flyering we handed out A4 flyers at tube stations and hand written letters people’s houses. It worked! People seemed to like a more personal approach.

How’s it going?

Great! Now we are building our repertoire of chefs, running more events and crowdfunding for investment.

We actually just won the “Best Startup” award from the Entrepreneurship Institute at King’s College, it was presented at the House of Lords!

The future is looking bright! Running your own business is always hard work but it great to see it grow into something you have created.


Check out: for more info about how to eat beyond the restaurant…

Twitter: @eat_about