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Fashion Fix: Straps are in

Platform heels and wedges are probably every woman’s answer to her prayers of finding comfortable heels. With platforms and wedges, you get the length you are looking for and you are able to walk confidently without the fear of falling over. Despite this, I have grown obsessed with strappy heels…

Gone are the days of over bejewelled and terribly busy shoes – the newest trend (and a sure to be classic), are the basic no fuss ankle strap heels! Little heel, some ankle strap action and a basic band across the foot, simplicity at its best!

The heeled strappy sandal has made its presence known on the blogosphere and it’s ready to take your chic-factor up a notch, in place of boring flats and casual wedges.

Ankle strap shoes started popping up a few seasons ago and initially reminded folks of footwear circa, the early 90s, but some of the biggest designers are revamping this look and giving it life.

Every woman should own a pair, if you don’t like thin heels, you can get blocked heels with that classic strap….there a MUST LADIES!!!

Below is my own collection of strappy sandals…….

Strappy shoesstrappy shoesstrappyshoesphoto 3(1)