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Fifty Shades Style: Luxury Latex

t-shirt_blue_grandeIt’s the biggest selling book and highest grossing film in history, responsible for the sexual awakening (or should that be reawakening) of millions of women around the world.

Since eroticism is now distinctly main-stream, is time to bring bondage wear out of the bedroom and on to the street?

And no, we’re not talking rocking a crotchless latex catsuits with nipple tassles waiting for the number 12…but we are talking latex. Very wearable latex.

Kim West has been working with latex since 1984 when she made herself a dress for a night out, then persuaded a friend to display it in The Great Gear Market on the King’s Road. The next day she received an order for 10 dresses and Kim West Latex was born.

After a hiatus to raise her children, Kim re launched in 2009, opening a shop in Camberwell in 2013.

pull on pencil skirtIt was in this shop that I popped my latex cherry, somewhere between getting dinner from Morrisons and nipping to the pound shop. I’d spotted it a few times from the bus but had never ventured in.

Some of the items did walk the line between fetish and the everyday, but other items such as the pencil skirts (with or without peplums), crop tops and 50s style shifts turned out to not only very flattering but super comfortable as well.

Latex pulls you in and lifts you up in all the right places, literally fitting like a second skin. Once you get over the noise of putting it on and realize that the material has very little give and doesn’t breath…you almost forget you’re wearing the sexy fabric at all.

How I wore latex

I bought a simple black pencil skirt, then teamed it with a bright adidas jacket and wedge high tops and wore the emsemble to the local pub. No-one batted an eyelid, that is, until I made them touch the skirt…it’s just so smooth and supple!

For all you seasoned latex wearers, you don’t need talcum power to wear Kim’s designs, which is all down to innovation called Glyde Tex that allows you to slip the garments on and off with ease.

Want to try the latex look for yourself?


View the collection online at

Or drop into the shop in Camberwell


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Handcuff Belt £250

Pull on pencil skirt £70

Blue Latex T-shirt £70

Stripe cocktail dress £140

Handcuff Belt


Written by the fabulous @sovintagelondon