Floatfit review


Floatfit classes are a combination yoga and HIIT (high intensity interval training) exercises atop an aquabase board in the water. Oh what fun! If you have a love for training and are ready to test your balance and co-ordination skills, then it’s time for you to give this a try.

I had the pleasure of experiencing the floatfit class and I must say, it was a delight. You hook your board up to ropes connected to the pool and jump on up. Starting out with some light stretching helps to ease into the task ahead of staying on. You then do a mixture of exercises, for example basic level burpee’s squats, pushups, planks etc. This is done in bursts of 30 seconds for each exercise followed by a quick rest at the end of each round. You then get given challenges to try to complete. I was quite impressed I only fell off once. The squat jump and spin to the opposite side of the board is what got me, I fell after my second spin. Despite my unexpected fall releasing a girly squeal as I made the splash, I quickly jumped back up and kept going, and succeeded this time round. We then finished off the class with relaxing cool down stretches.


It is not intense workout, however, it does get your whole body functioning, your mind is focused on balancing, keeping your core turned on the entire class!

Dolphin Fitness club features a fully-equipped gymnasium, beautifully designed 17 metre pool, sauna and steam rooms, three squash courts and three exercise/dance studios. Outdoors, members and guests can also take advantage of the Club’s tennis court and croquet lawn on the banks of the River Thames.

Floatfit classes are running in over 54 countries around the world and are now available every Saturday at Dolphin Fitness club from 9-9.30am and 9.30-10am. The class costs £15 for members and £25 for non-members.


Address: Dolphin Square, Chichester St, Pimlico, London SW1V 3LX




Written by Bec Brodie