Pure Expression’s Frankenstein Review

Mary Shelley’s classic novel Frankenstein is bought to life in Pure Expression’s immersive theatrical adaptation currently taking place at the Kensington Library. At the start of production, you are given headphones and an mp3 player and invited through the front door, where the play begins. You have one rule… follow Victor Frankenstein. The provided headphones allow you to immerse yourself deeply into the Gothic novel as Victor leads you through the depths of the library. This is a simple, yet effective piece of story telling.

Victor’s internal monologue about how and what his horrific scientific creation came to be, is emotional and at times quite intense. Especially when accompanied by the soundscape created by award-winning musician, Taz Modi. The music itself adds extra depth and suspense to the performance. The light effects created a spooky atmosphere perfect for this hauntingly tragic tale. During the entire performance, I expected Frankenstein’s monster to emerge from the shadows. Given that this is a non-speaking one-man show, Frankenstein’s monster didn’t appear, but Ricky Shaw acting was so compelling that his presence was all you focused on.

Pure Expression is an immersive theatre company that re-imagines classic stories in unique environments such as libraries, museums and galleries. They aim to create projects that are inspiring, accessible and fun for a range of audiences. They have achieved this with Frankenstein. Overall it was an enjoyable hour wandering our way through Kensington Library following Frankstein’s spiral into madness.

Frankenstein is currently performing until the 22nd of February and costs £6 to attend. Perfect for that something just a little different.



Kensington Library

12 Phillimore Walk


W8 7RX


Written by Tegan LeBon

Photos provided by Pure Expression.