Fulham Beach Review

Outside bars are definitely an added bonus to experiencing London in summer. Sunshine, friend’s games and cocktails generally equals an awesome afternoon/night out. Unless you get caught out in the rain that is oh so famous for this lovely country. However, just because it happens to be raining, doesn’t mean you have to skip the rooftop night out you were planning on!

Head on over to Fulham Beach! This beauty is half undercover and its very spacious too. You won’t feel cramped in a tiny space trying to stay dry. Onin.london were there to celebrate the opening night and boy did we have it all. Those clouds and rainstorms were horrible, my friend even had a car drench her by driving through a puddle, bus delays and caught out in traffic and I managed to get slightly lost…thanks google maps! But once we found the place, I was quite surprised about how remarkable it looked.

This year it is jungle theme, and with leopard print being in right now, it’s easy to take it on board and add it to your attire for the evening, should you wish to of course. As you walk through the entrance, you immediately get a feel for the place, hearing the DJ’s sound, you can’t help but feel excited and ready for a good time. Stepping into the main area (undercover) there is plenty of seating with tables and chairs as well as couches and twinkling lights draped around giving off a holiday vibe. The room to your left is where you grab a drink, walk past the DJ along the board walk and head out to the open ‘beach’ area. On your way, you pass many of the games on offer, including mini golf, table tennis and more! Keep walking and you find the cute beach huts and cabanas as well as another bar. If you lucked out and have a gorgeous day, soak up the rare sunshine and enjoy the sand between your toes ? Welcome to ‘a little piece of paradise’ in London!

There isn’t a lot on offer in regard to food, some sliders as well as pizza are your choices. However, we (along with many others that night) had to wait a very long time for our pizza, to only then be told there was still another half hour on top of it! We ended up swapping our order, so it was available a lot faster. I would advise taking that into consideration before you head out. However, this didn’t stop us having a great night out and we ended up being pretty much the last ones there for the evening!

Head to their website to check out pricing and pre-book your evening! Don’t miss out!

Website: https://www.neverlandlondon.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fulhambeach/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fulham_beach/