Energy treatment with Master Oh at Jung Shim

Stress and tension can cause your muscles to tighten, creating more tension in the body, which can later lead to pain, and in my case a lot of it. I currently have pain in my upper back and shoulders and to alleviate the pain I was very happy to have been booked into a treatment with Master Oh at Jung Shim. I have been to Jung Shim a couple of times in the past, where I was treated by a senior practitioner. Master Oh is the highest practitioner at Jung Shim and I was intrigued to see what my session with Master Oh would be like. At the beginning of the session we spoke about my areas of concern and the reason for the pain.

Master Oh spoke of the energy (or Qi) that flows through the body, supporting all systems of your body, keeping them healthy and functioning properly, keeping you in balance and harmony. However if there is a breakdown in clear flowing energy, this can lead to blocked and toxic energy, which can cause injuries and illnesses. During the treatment, Master Oh uses acupressure to find where the blocked energy is and by using sound, touch and breathing he is able to help in unblocking stagnant energy. The treatment was very painful, which to be honest I knew it would be, as I have neglected this pain for about a year now…

Although I was in pain after the treatment, my body did feel lighter and I my head felt clearer. I realised that by neglecting my body, I had a long journey ahead of me with treatments, to help in curing my pain. After my session I vowed I wouldn’t neglect the pain and blocked energy anymore and I signed up as a member of the centre, which allows me to go to daily QI classes. The Qi classes involve chanting, meditation and slow body movements, all to help in unblocking stagnant energy and allowing my body to be in balance. It has been two weeks since my session and becoming a member and I can happily say I have more energy and I feel more calm and relaxed throughout the day. There is still a long way for me to go, as I am still suffering from the pain, but I am certainly on the right path. The staff at Jung Shim are welcoming and friendly and there is a real sense of community here.

If you do feel like you need to tap into your Qi and lead a more energised and happier life, attending the classes may just be what your body needs. Jung Shim offers a complementary intro. session, which I highly recommend. I will end this piece with a quote from Master Oh, it’s a little food for thought…

“When we learn to harness the power of Qi, our minds become clear, bright and beautiful. We have more compassion, devotion, become selfless, and most importantly understand the true purpose of our lives – who we are and how we should live. Now is the time to go beyond religion, philosophy, race or conditioning. We need to remove everything which is creating separation and recreate harmony.”

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Written by Nyla S.