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Whether you’re having a girl night in or getting yourselves ready before a girly night out we have all the essentials you’re going to need! After all every girl needs a girly night now and then.

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To get those perfect glamourous looking eyelashes take the glamourise lashes from Invogue for those more thick fuller voluptuous lashes! They’ll instantly make your eyelashes look stand out and fluttery. The new False Lash Collection from Invogue are Hand made, hand tied lightweight eyelashes that adds the perfect finishing touch to your make up giving them a natural thick and fuller lash look and they have a range of 8 different types.

The volumise range are perfect for a more subtle look if you’re out shopping or in the office – these are the ones for you they’ll accentuate your eyes with volume and length.

If you’re looking for a more thicker fuller lash then pick out the lashes from the Glamourise set these lashes will create that much more fuller thicker glamourours lash look that everyone needs for a date night or a girls night out! Each box contains super strength lash glue to keep those lashes on right, they’re available to buy from various places such as, Amazon, Body Care and Tesco at just £3.49!


Ever want to get yourself salon quality nails from the comfort of your own home? Then this one might be for you.. Keep on reading! It was the best selling home nail kit in the U.S. in its first week of the launch and it’s coming to the UK! It’s the Nailene Sensational Starter Kit, the starter kit comes with everything you need to get those salon quality nails, out of the set you get 10 manicured nails a much cheaper price range than getting them done at a salon! Included in the box is a Pro 3060 LED Lamp, Colour Gel Polish, Gel Primer, Buffer, Gel Cleanser, Lint Free Wipes, Gel Base & Top Coat and Manicure Stick. And another really cool thing is If you’ve done your manicure and fancy a change of colour for a night out or anything else, take your nail polish and paint over your Sensational Manicure with any make or shade nail polish and then when you decide you want to revert back to your original manicure shade just remove the top coat and there you have it, your original manicure still intact.. How cool is that?! There are 12 individual nail polishes are available to purchase and range from £10-£15. The sensational nail kit is perfect for getting those every day salon quality nails which lasts up to two weeks!


So..? Scents smell amazing and are available in both perfume and body spray sets. If you’re getting ready with the girls for a night out these fun and flirtatious scents are definitely ones to try.  With over 20 different scents available there’s surely one for everyone, they’ve branched out to scented dry shampoo and here’s the best part everything in the range costs under £10 so you smell and feel great without spending a fortune, a sure winner there!

– ranges from £1.49 available from Superdrug


Now another night out essential is fake tan..everyone likes to look like they’ve just come back from a lovely Summer holiday..even if we haven’t but shhh no one needs to know about that! The No More White Bits Fake tan will give you that summer holiday glow that everyone’s looking for. This lightly tinted tan absorbs so it dries quickly without any streaking and the colour fully develops within 4-5 hours giving you that sun kissed glow you’re hoping for.

– from ASDA, Superdrug and ASOS from £2.33


Whether you’re staying in for a girly pamper night or going out a face mask is always a good idea to get your skin looking it’s best. The Casmara Algae face Masks not only boost your skin but they’re also anti aging. As gold-dust has been found to have anti-aging properties and is included in these face masks as well as 24 carat gold dust, also included in the face masks are minerals and vitamins to help with anti-ageing also. Included in the kit is a Peel of face mask, conditioning cream and a spatula for applying the face mask and all you have to do is simply and easily peel it off! This mask is a sure winner and will leave your face feel fully refreshed, moisturised and feeling like you’ve just got a facial from the spa!

– From Boots £9.99


Bouffe Dry Spray is available in many different shades to match your hair colour and gives the illusion of bigger and thicker hair which is always a good thing! Simply shake, apply to dry hair, hold hair upwards and spray on the roots. Ideal if you have naturally thin hair and want your hair to look thicker with just a quick spray.

– £5.99 from Boots


Written by Bex and Sammy.