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Know Cosmetics Review

We were sent some samples of Know Cosmetics quick-fix glamour and solutions makeup. Know Cosmetics from Canada has been taking the beauty world by storm, the next generation Know Cosmetics is the secret weapon for professional results.

Know Cosmetics range is so popular that some lines are selling on average, one every 2 minutes in North America. Beauty-loving Brits can now pick up the four-piece range at Lloyds Pharmacy and online. We couldn’t wait to try these handbag size must-haves.

The Range Includes:

No Bleeding Lips™ Secret Lip Liner £12.50 is a clear lip liner that can be worn with any shade of lipstick or lip gloss, including bright and bold colours. Applied around the lips, No Bleeding Lips™ will stop bleeding and feathering. If you’re like me, I always lose my lipsticks’ matching lip liner. Plus there’s the fact that at any given time I have 3-10 lipsticks in my handbag. Well the No Bleeding Lips Secret Lip Liner has me covered. It is quite creamy and lasted quite a while. I’ll be keeping this in my hand bag for sure.

No Dark Shadows™ £15 is a silky, light, blendable complexion enhancer and concealer that works hard to conceal imperfections. The light diffusing pigments in the formula softens the look of dark circles and highlights your best features for a contoured makeup look. As someone who always seems to have dark circles under my eyes due to a lack of sleep – this was a life saver. It’s a lot lighter than my usual concealer but this worked. It glides on and blends quite easily. No Dark Shadows™ also didn’t appear to crease under my eyes – definitely a big plus!

No Thin Lips™ Secret Lip Plumper £15 is a smooth, colourless secret lip plumper that instantly plumps and volumises lips. With every application, this gloss will keep your lips looking full, lush and alluring. My family joke, that us LeBon girls have the ‘Walker Top Lip’, an inherited thin top lip (from my mum’s side of the family) which disappears when we smile. No Think Lips Secret Lip Plumper is the no pain option to have plumper fuller lips without surgery. It does tingle when it goes on, but seemed to work better than some drug store brands I’d used previously. The plumper also really moisturised my lips which was a further added bonus with product.

NO BARE BROWS™ Universal 4 in 1 (four in one) Brow Fix £18.00 transforms brows from bland to beautiful. With a universal brow colour at one end and invisible taming wax at the opposite end, NO BARE BROWS™ works for everyone. I made the mistake of taking this home when I visited my family for Christmas, lets just say my sister claimed it as soon as she saw it. No Bare Brows Universal 4 in 1 Brow Fix is something that everyone should want. Perfect brows are easy with this handy little product. There’s no clumping, excess product or having to draw the product on with excess force. The brow colour goes on effortlessly and then is sealed by the invisible taming wax which helps it last all day long.

To purchase visit the website or Lloyd’s Pharmacy.




written by Tegan LeBon

instagram and twitter: @toogs1

Pictures courtesy of Know Cosmetics