Hire A Cleaning Service From Wecasa!

Onin.London has used Wecasa for an at home masssage before and loved it, but we’re excited to announce that Wecasa continues to expand across the UK to offer mobile at-home cleaning, wellness, beauty and home services.

Since April 2021 Wecasa has expanded from Greater London to the UK’s large cities of Manchester and Birmingham in just over two years with plenty of professionals being available in many more areas too.  

  Brits for sure like their homes clean and Wecasa helps a staggering 80% of their clients to clean their homes on a regular basis. The company works closely with independent cleaners who know the latest cleaning trends, options and hacks, delivering quality services whenever you need them. The same goes for wellness and beauty.  

 So given this it was time to try the cleaning service.

How it works 

Wecasa works with self-employed service professionals to provide professional, convenient offerings to their local customer base. Customers seeking services can be connected with a professional quickly and easily just by visiting to choose their desired service (e.g., beauty, massage, home cleaning). From there, they simply enter their postcode, select who the booking is for, select the date and time and they are instantly connected with a local service provider who can come straight to their door. 

Alternatively, Wecasa’s app is available on iOS  and Android so, you can book anything you need, anytime, anywhere, straight from your mobile device. The app allows for “fine-tuning” of each appointment by allowing customers to chat with the professional ahead of time and offering the ability to share pictures of the style or service they want, and rearrange timings as needed. 

It was extremely easy to book the service and our cleaner came early ready to work. It took less than 2 minutes to book and confirm the cleaning. The two hours she spent in our home had our bathroom spotless and decluttered while the kitchen was left gleaming. She even pruned our plants and gave them a fresh lease on life.

Fola George, Wecasa professional cleaner said: “The demand for cleaning has increased significantly since the end of restrictions and the fact that my loyal customers can continue to book me through Wecasa whilst I continue to gather more customers through the app is a massive plus, which helps me to maintain my lifestyle and make work, work around my life.”   

This is a service we will use again as it made our life incredibly easier and allowed my house and I valuable time to focus on doing life admin.

Wecasa has also provided some helpful hints to get your house spotless before you host your loved ones this holiday season.

Christmas is slowly creeping up on us and what better way to prepare for Christmas hosting and parties than doing a deep clean to be ready to invite guests into your home. Christmas is a busy time so making time for cleaning can be difficult however, if you do it right it will be worth the effort.

Often, we get into habits with cleaning that can sometimes hamper our effort however, Wecasa professional, Gervaise Ovin, gives her tips on cleaning mistakes and how to avoid them:

Using the wrong product 

Using the wrong products on fabrics, hardware, tiles and other materials can end up damaging them and actually work against you. Make sure you check the cleaning brand and product before starting to clean to achieve the best possible outcome.

Starting on the ground floor

Make sure you start on the top floor when cleaning and work your way down. Dust, dirt and fumes will make their way down so if you start in the ground floor you’ll end up having to start over again.

Not cleaning your vacuum cleaning

It might sound simple but one of the best ways to make sure that you get the best result when vacuuming is to make sure the bag in the vacuum is empty (if you’re using a vacuum cleaner like a Henry) or to make sure the filters are clean and that the head of a vacuumed is clear of any hair or strings that can affect the spin and therefore the effectiveness (if you are using a Dyson cleaner or similar).

Spraying your products

It’s only natural that you want to spray your antibac, bathroom cleaning or bleach when cleaning however, this in fact helps the fumes spread, getting further into your lungs, and you also end up using more, which in turn costs more. Instead spray it on to a cloth close up, and wipe away, it makes a huge difference. 

Using a wet cloth when dusting

If your cloth is wet when dusting you’ll actually attract more dust, which will settle on your surface soon after you’ve cleaned it. Instead use a dry cloth dusting before you vacuum for the vacuum cleaner to gather it all.

Wecasa is your go-to online booking platform for mobile at-home cleaning, wellness, beauty and home services, seven days a week. Visit for further information and to book now.