Introducing Tacones

We met the fabulous Carlos Rivera during Brighton Pride whilst walking to party the night away. He and his team were gifting passers by with fabulous t’shirts designed and created by him. Now we love supporting small business here at Onin.London so  had to share with you more about Tacones.

Tacones was founded by Carlos Rivera during the chaotic 2020 pandemic and showcases a wide variety of his fresh and camp artistic ideas.

The Cheeky Tacones illustrations narrate a style where the male figure take the main role and decides to grab some high heels and conquer the world! 

My friend and I absolutely loved the designs and thought they were creative and fun. Plus as Lola sings in the Kinky Boots Musical “The sex is in the heel, Fierce as you can make it, The sex is the appeal, Kinky boys can shake it”.

Carlos is on a never-ending journey to find new ways to innovate and add extra depth to his work. Explore his updated Art Portfolio to discover his influences and inspiration behind some of his proudest accomplishments. T-shirts and Prints start at £25.

Let’s keep it trendy but Camp! So to find out more and to purchase please visit:


Website :