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Italicus launches special menu at The Coral Room

During February, Italian aperitivo Italicus Rosolio di Bergamotto have taken over The Coral Room in the heart of London’s Bloomsbury in celebration of the Italian Carnevale, a tradition celebrated in Italy since the 12th Century.

The curated menu boasts 5 decadent Italicus aperitivo cocktails, each of which will reflect one of the vibrant 16th Century Carnival characters. The team will also be hosting a magical Masquerade party on Sunday 23rd February, where Riccardo Rossi of Rome’s Freni e Frizioni will be taking over the bar serving and presenting his Rugantino cocktail, made to celebrate the occasion. Structured like a Negroni but with a lower ABV, the cocktail takes its name from the arrogant yet kind-hearted Roman character.

The 5 other cocktails on the menu:

PULCINELLA – A long drink inspired by the character who represents the vibrant and lively spirit of the Neapolitans, this fresh cocktail cleanses the palette with bright tropical flavours. Made with Italicus, Riesling Vermouth, Citrus, Pomelo & Pink Pepper Tonic, served in a high ball with black pepper in the glass for a spicy finish.

COLUMBINA – Inspired by Comedia Dell’Arte’s Columbine, a comedic servant and lover of mischievous Arlecchino, the white Negroni style drink is pale pink in colour to mimic Columbine’s traditional costume. Made with Italicus, Rose Vermouth, Pineapple & Coconut Shrubs and Rhubarb Bitters, this drink is fresh and fruity with a dry finish.

ARLECCHINO – Inspired by the best known of the comic characters from Comedia Dell’Arte Arlecchino, the light-hearted and mischievous rogue, the drink is herbaceous and bittersweet. Made using Italicus, Vodka, Chinotto and Soda.

FARINELLA – Farinella is a clown character, and this bramble style drink reflects the colours of his usual attire. Made using Italicus, Citrus, Wine, Egg White, this plummy, bright cocktail is served with a garnish of dried orange and cherry.

PANTALONE – A principal character of the Carnival, Pantalone is known for his greed and status. An aperitivo style take on the classic drink Grasshopper made using Italicus, Gin, Cacao, Menthe and cream, this more luxurious cocktail’s sweetness is balanced with Italicus’ peppery and lightly spiced flavour.

Dates: 8th February – 23rd February
Address: Coal Rooms, 11a Station Way, London SE15 4RX |

Written by Jordan Crowley


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