Jason’s Sourdough Craft Beer Ciabattin

With St Patrick’s Day celebrations looking to be a little different this year, are you looking for ways to make the most of the day? Enter Jason’s Sourdough Craft Beer Ciabattin, the perfect addition to any St Patrick’s Day feast!
Deliciously unique, the water in this dough is replaced with Vixen Copper Ale, a local craft beer which creates a delightfully rich, hoppy taste; perfect for pairing with artisan cheese, toasted with pate or for a scrumptiously filled sandwich this St Patrick’s Day.

Crafted by Jason Geary, master baker at Geary’s Bakery and made with high-quality wholesome ingredients, the loaves have all the qualities of an artisan loaf found in a bakery. In addition, Jason’s has no added sugars, preservatives or additives so is sure to keep everyone coming back for more. 

Jason’s Sourdough Ciabattin is available in three variants – White, Grains & Seeds and Craft Beer – in M&S stores nationwide. RRP £1.80.

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