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KOBOX’s new boutique boxing studio opened last month in Baker Street making it the third instalment of the KOBOX family.

I recently headed on down to the the studio to check out what all the commotion was about, I had far too many friends banging on about KOBOX, being the place to be when it came to mixing boxing with HIIT session. KOBOX is the definition of glam Boxing! When I walked into the studio, I was presented with a cool and trendy look and feel, which also has a built-in professional sound and light system, which resembled a Fight Club meets Nightclub vibe. All sessions are done with very dim and moody lighting, which is great for me as no one can see how red and sweaty I got when training. I was able to have as much fun while knowing I wasn’t going to be stared at.

You don’t have to be a professional boxer or have any prior experience before your session. All the newcomers are  invited into the studio five minutes before everyone else for a nice quick introduction. Our instructor on the day was Antoine Dunn who explained exactly what the session would involve, and got us practising our punches.

Be prepared to work your booty off with their high intense workout lasting 50 minutes. To start, your trainer will do a quick warm-up, which helps in loosening your muscles, after the warm-up, you will start boxing the aqua bag, using the KoBox unique technique ‘Punch By Numbers’.  All the number sequences are projected on the wall and your trainer will guide you through the number combination. Throughout the 50mins you will break every 15 mins or so to do body exercises, to strengthen the body, which includes sit ups, lunges and my favourite… squats. Thirty minutes in I am  sweating non-stop, but happy that my body is still going, the loud music, helps in motivating me along with the voice of the instructor.

After the work out, I felt pumped and was ready for the day ahead of me. The showers are equipped with shampoo, conditioner and even GHD’s! On the way out, you can swing by the bar and pick yourself up a smoothie or protein shake. I really liked the Baker Street Kobox studio, I loved the ambience in the reception all the way down to the studio, there was a real buzz in the air.

If you work or live in the area, it’s the studio I highly recommend if you’re looking for that quick HIIT session.


Written By Stephanie Sowaha