Black Friday Shopping Tips

Heres your guide to how to make the most out of Black Friday this year!


1.Do Your Research

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To ensure you dont get disappointed or tricked by loud Black Friday Advertising banners you have to do your research. Make sure you know what you want to buy and make sure the one you get is good quality. A bad product is a bad deal no matter how cheap it is!!!


2. Early Bird catches the worm

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Keep that eagle eye focussed and get in there early. Its always the worst feelingg when you see someone with a item you wanted but you ws just 2 mins too late. We all know the good items go first! Someties that means arriving early and queueing up over night but just how serious are you about grabbing that bargain?!


3. Start Early!

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Be the first one off the mark. There is no such thing as false starts!!! Some places such as Amazon will be starting there discounts early (Monday 24th Nov) so make sure you shop around online to make sure you dont loose out on first dibs.


4. Don’t Forget the Gift Receipt

Many stores provide a gift receipt so you can include a receipt with the gift in the event of return or exchange. This receipt allows this to happen without divulging how much money you spent on the item. Many Stores offer this around the Christmas season anyway but is important to ask for one in the case its not offered to you.


5. Play the Long Game


The Monday after is called Cyber Monday, which is all abount online discounts. So dont spend all you cash to then find out you have missed out on some great deals on Cyber Monday.