Kopparberg Passionfruit & Orange Gin Review

In May 2019, OnIn.London attended the launch of Kopparberg’s Strawberry & Lime gin and really enjoyed it. While we haven’t tried their second gin, the Mixed Fruit Ginyet, we were lucky to try their newest flavour, Passionfruit & Orange Gin!

In recent years there has been an increase in the popularity of flavoured gin and with the launch of its brand new Kopparberg Passionfruit & Orange Gin, they’ve certainly capitalised on this. The new gin offers a bold and exotic taste, slightly sweet but not overly powerfully so and with a nice tang. The sweet passion fruit and orange, and is best served straight over ice with a slice of orange for the ultimate drink to kick start an evening with friends.

The decision for a passion fruit flavour was made following the successful launch of Kopparberg’s Passion Fruit cider variant in 2019, and the increase in demand for passion fruit flavoured drinks. Rob Salvesen, Head of Marketing, comments: “We are extremely excited to bring our new flavour of Kopparberg gin to the UK following the success of our pink gin variants launched last year and after we’ve seen passion fruit as a key and current trend in flavour. Kopparberg is the perfect drink to enjoy with friends and we look forward to seeing Kopparberg fans making memories with a refreshing serve of the new Passionfruit & Orange Gin.

Kopparberg Passionfruit & Orange Gin is best served over ice with a tonic or lemonade mixer, served up with a slice of orange, providing the perfect refreshing tipple for gin lovers.

I tried both perfect serves, and while they were both extremely drinkable… it was the Kopparberg Passionfruit & Orange Gin with lemonade that was my number one choice. It provided that cocktail experience without all the hassle of finding all the separate ingredient. It was certainly lovely for a hot summer’s day after a busy day working.

Kopparberg Passionfruit & Orange Gin will be available for £20 for a 70cl bottle and has an ABV of 37.5%.

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Written by Tegan LeBon