La Discothèque Brings the Glitz and Glamour of the Disco Era to DRUMSHEDS

© Photography by Jake Davis (instagram.com/jakephilipdavis)

In the heart of London’s vibrant cultural scene, a legendary club night La Discotheque is preparing to ignite the dancefloor at the grand opening of DRUMSHEDS on 7th October. Celebrated for its immersive and electrifying music experiences, global disco & house legends will descend on London, promising to transport dancers from the golden age of disco to more modern crafty cuts and deep house sounds.

Evelyn ‘Champagne’ King and Jocelyn Brown, two iconic disco divas, will grace the stage as the headliners playing alongside La Discotheque’s 18-piece Orchestra, reviving the spirit of the disco era that once ruled the dancefloors. Evelyn ‘Champagne’ King, renowned for her chart-toppers like “Shame” and “Love Come Down,” will serenade the crowd with her timeless classics, evoking an era when disco anthems filled the airwaves.
Jocelyn Brown, often hailed as the undisputed queen of dance music, will set the dancefloor ablaze with her electrifying performances. Her iconic track “Somebody Else’s Guy” stands as a testament to her legendary status, with her powerful vocals having driven some of the most unforgettable disco anthems in history.
But that’s not all; the line-up is a veritable who’s who of disco and Chicago house legends alongside promising dance pioneers. DJ Sneak, a pioneer of Chicago house music, has been instrumental in shaping the dance music landscape. His innovative mixing and production techniques have left an indelible mark on the genre, and his presence at this event underscores the profound influence of Chicago house on disco culture.

Photographer: www.lukedyson.com

Sneak plays B2B with Derrick Carter, another heavyweight in the world of dance music, is celebrated for his contributions to both hip-hop and disco. His eclectic taste and unparalleled skills on the decks have made him a standout DJ and producer, bridging the gap between different musical worlds.
With over 30 acts on the line-up, the beats will keep the dancefloor alive throughout the day and into the night. Gilles Peterson, the eclectic tastemaker, will bring his passion for diverse musical genres to the fore. Amsterdam’s beloved house music duo Dam Swindle (Formerly Detroit Swindle) bring their high energy house cuts to Drumsheds untouched gritty floors.

Melé, known for his vibrant and infectious beats, Afrodeutsche, an artist who experiments with genre boundaries, and Norman Jay MBE, a legendary figure in the UK’s dance music scene, will add their unique flavours to the mix. Disco enthusiasts can also enjoy a special DJ set by Jazzie B and immerse themselves in the legendary tunes of Jellybean Benitez. Hercules & Love Affair will deliver an exclusive DJ set, while Jamie 3:26 B2B DJ Spen will take you on a groove-infused journey. Byron The Aquarius will deepen the daytime disco experience, and Girls of the Internet will bring their enigmatic beats to the dancefloor.

Attendees can also anticipate a mesmerizing showdown featuring The Illustrious Blacks – Diana vs. Donna and pay tribute to the Purple Prince with Tayo Presents Purple Rave, an unmissable homage. The sonic journey continues with an array of talents, including Lou Hayter, Sophie Lloyd, SNO, Bestley, Guy Williams, Mr. Doris w/ Blondewearingblack, Siggy Smalls, Bearface, and Daisybelle.

DRUMSHEDS, brought to you by Broadwick Live is renowned for consistently re-birthing some of London’s most significant industrial spaces and is the perfect backdrop for La Discotheque’s biggest-ever production; featuring over 40 performers, catwalks and groundbreaking special effects (SFX), is poised to set a new standard in event production and will be unveiled for the very first time on Saturday, October 7th.

Tickets for this electrifying event are flying out the door and in high demand. To secure your spot at this disco extravaganza, book now at La Discothèque | Kaboodle

Event Details:
Start Date: Saturday, October 7, 2023, 12:00 Last Entry: Saturday, October 7, 2023, 17:00 End Date: Saturday, October 7, 2023, 22:30 Age Restrictions: 18+
Event Website: https://www.ladiscotheque.co.uk/ Instagram: @La_discoteque